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In an effort to save his frozen crop of sugarcane, in 1910 Mr. C. S. Steen, of Southern Louisiana, started collecting sugarcane juice to create syrup. Cane syrup is an aromatic syrup perfect for drizzling over hot biscuits or pancakes. It is also used as a sweetener for baked goods, as a meat glaze or as flavoring for beans. Not only is the finalized product of cane syrup a southern food tradition, but also is its method of production.

Originally, to create the cane syrup, Mr. Steen peeled the sides of the cane, revealing the juicy, sugary pulp. The cane was then brought to a syrup mill, where the cane juice was mashed with larges animal-powered rollers, and hearted with a cordwood fire. 7-10 gallons of raw juice boiled down to one gallon of syrup. Today, this intense process is mechanized with equipment that cuts the sugar cane, strips off the leaves, and loads it onto carts that carry it to a mill where the juice is boiled into syrup.

Traditionally, in the southern US, cane juice had more edible uses beyond syrup. The juice, rich in sugar, was fermented into a beer and was also turned into rock candy, which poor families used for cooking. Unfortunately, this rich food tradition is at severe risk. Today there is only one producer of the traditional pure cane syrup left.

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Turkey Hill Farm

  Tallahassee, FL

At Turkey Hill Farm we grow vegetables and fruits for market and select local restaurants. In Fall, Winter and Spring we grow Lettuces, traditional Southern greens, Asian greens, arugula, carrots, turnips, Brassicas, radishes, scallions, green garlic, turmeric, ginger, and Satsumas. (more...)

The Poultry Hatchery

  Clifton Springs, NY

The Poultry Hatchery is the areas leading producer of pasture raised poultry, day old chicks, started laying hens, and over 285 breeds of heritage & rare poultry. We raise all breeds of chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, geese, freedom rangers, Cornish cross broilers, & more. (more...)

The Farmers Market at Midway

  Melrose, FL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

A brief introduction to The Farmers Market at Midway . We are conveniently located in Florida's Lake Region about halfway between Melrose and Keystone Heights. The Market is on the grounds of Faith Presbyterian Church, at the intersection of State Route 21 and County Road 21B, across from the Midway Plaza. (more...)

Sustainable Rural Regenerative Enterprises for Families, (SURREF)

  Furman, AL

(SURREF) is a start-up social enterprise organization that helps agricultural landowners and their families in rural communities recover from the impact of systemic poverty by improving social conditions and standards of living, especially through the agricultural sector. (more...)

Sugarfoot Farms

  Conway, SC

Sugarfoot Farms is a third-generation family farm. We do not use any synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals and use only sustainable methods of controlling weeds, pests, and diseases. (more...)

Shreveport Farmers Market

  Shreveport, LA

Our large market takes place Summer 2017 Saturdays, June 3 to August 26 (except June 17)1 Fall 2016 Saturdays, October 22 to November 18(more...)