Lettuce Networks is an urban farming and food distribution company. We establish, maintain, harvest, package, and deliver "Hyper-local" and organic produce in 100% reusable packaging. Our deliveries include local produce, homemade sauces, spice mixtures, and recipes. We also deliver local meats, cheese, grains, and other ingredients for our recipes. Our farms are scattered throughout the city of Austin, Texas in backyards, front yards, schools, churches, and businesses. Our farms range from 40 sq ft to several acres. All farms are fertilized, and sprayed organically and grown with non-GMO seeds and starts. All of our packaging is returned washed and reused, no plastic, paper, cardboard, Styrofoam, or ice packs. No more trash!

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Listing last updated on Jan 8, 2018

Fresh, hyper-local, organic, sustainable food for all.

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Farmers Choice/Produce only- $25/wk

Chef's Choice/Produce, recipes, sauces, spices- $30/wk

Chef's Choice Omnivore/ Produce, recipes, sauces, spices, protein, grain, etc.- $80/wk

Chef's Choice Vegetarian/ / Produce, recipes, sauces, spices, vegetarian protein, grains, etc.- $65/wk

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