Nisani Farm specializes in ginger and turmeric. We sell:
-Fresh Turmeric
-Fresh Ginger
-Fresh produce from Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and the Americas
-Turmeric and ginger seedlings
-Turmeric honey, relish, syrups, and other condiments

We use local commercial kitchens to process produce that would otherwise be wasted because it does not meet our quality requirements for sale.

We are Certified Naturally Grown.

Our inspiration comes from our roots in the Caribbean, and our name Nisani, is from the Garifuna language of Belize, and means my daughter. Our farm celebrates the generations of Belizean women farmers before us and the mothers and daughters of Belizean heritage who now contribute to the work of the farm.

Listing last updated on Dec 8, 2019

Nisani brings the spirit of the Caribbean to our products. We grow produce, flowers, seedlings, and make shelf-stable condiments.
-Produce: Our vegetables are grown with no chemical inputs, and include hard to find items like bitter melon, moringa, turmeric, ginger, and Japanese sweet potatoes.
-Flowers: Our bouquets have no chemical sprays or fertilizers and are locally grown to reduce our carbon footprint.
-Seedlings: Our turmeric and ginger seedlings are available online and through Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.
-Prepared products: We use our turmeric and produce to make health-giving, small batch relishes, syrups, and sauces to add life and flavor to your meals!

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Schedule and Location:

Forest Farmers Market in Lynchburg.

-Turmeric-Ginger Syrup
-Turmeric Relish
-Turmeric Honey
-Hot Pepper Sauce (known as Picklin in the Caribbean)

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I have tried several Nisani Farms products. The Turmeric Honey is my favorite. It gives a nice flavor to your toast or tea.

I also really like the Turmeric Relish.

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