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Contacting Vicki
By: Justin Roberts    (Nov 27, 2013)

Hey i went to school with vicky and im wandering the best way to contact her

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The Robinson Family farm is the real deal
By: Gary Chuck    (Apr 16, 2012)

I stopped by unanounced and without an appointment just to see what the farm looked like without the proverbial make-up on. I must say I was very impressed with everything from the look of surprise to the glad that you're here look on the faces of Yvonne and Jeff. This couple is not phony but genuine down to earth hard working Americans. This little farm was immaculately kept. The dairy portion was spotless. Having gone there without an appointment I had to wait in order to get some milk. I got to see the milking process firsthand. I also got the chance to do some farmwork helping Jeff in his daily chores. While doing that I got to know Jeff a little better in conversation as we worked. He is one cool dude. Yvonne is the CEO and the business brain of the little farm. She does it all. Bottom line ....I will not go anywhere else for my goat's milk or eggs. I drink it raw because I know and trust the handlers. God bless this family they are truly heavenly sent

One Love

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Marietta market
By: debbie hill    (Oct 22, 2011)

Hi, a former herb vender of the Marietta Square FM here - I just want to say I stopped by the market stand today and grabbed a "sample size" raw goats milk ....and was very impressed with how rich the milk is! (I've never to my knowledge had goats milk and wanted to try it) Even my kitties lapped it up!

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A Down Home Feel and incredible milk!!
By: Veronica Sanders    (May 4, 2010)

I have been getting milk from the Robinson family farm for over 7 years, and I consider it a blessing from the Lord to have heard about her when I did. I had had my first child and my milk was not fatty enough for her. She could not handle any formula and was dangerously too thin at only two months. I was at my peditrician's office when a customer of Yvonne's told me about the Robinson's farm and the goat milk (a true God thing).

When I got home, I called Yvonne and told her I would like to try her milk and asked if it was safe for my newborn. She said it was and I was more than welcome to come and check out her facility. When I first drove down the drive, I wasn't sure it seemed in the middle of nowhere. That all changed when I met her and saw the facility. It was awesome and extremely clean. This new mom was relieved.

Well, seven years later, two more children and one on the way. they have all been perfectly healthy and happy with the goat milk.

I consider Yvonne and her family very special and my friends. I enjoy every visit to pick up milk and just relax on their farm, enjoy good conversation ... a great testament to God's wonderful creation. Thank you Robinson Family for operating in such integrity and careful attention to everything you produce, raise, and sell. God Bless!!

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By: Paula Hinzmanj    (Apr 21, 2010)

When we visited the Robinson's, it's hard to say what impressed us the most. The cleanliness (particularly the milking parlor), care and well-being of their animals, extensive knowledge and desire to produce the highest quality product, not ony for themselves, but others.

The goat milk has an extremely fresh, mild taste that you will never find at the grocery store. After seeing the milking parlor first hand, I absolutely have no reservations about consuming/recommending milk produced there.

Simply said, we consider the Robinson's honey, liquid gold!

When you leave the farm, you feel that Yvonne, Jeff and Tori were happy you came, and they are eager to share their valuable knowledge and great hospitality.

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Enjoyed our visit to this farm and the milk is delicious!
By: Dana Browning    (Apr 14, 2010)

We visited the Robinson Family Farm on Saturday April 10 and were pleasantly surprised at how clean their barn and facilities were. The goats, chickens, and other animals are very obviously well cared for and it shows in the milk and eggs that we purchased.

The milk and eggs are delicious! We appreciate all natural wholesome food/milk.

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Quality Product
By: Anthony Stokes    (Apr 13, 2010)

I have to start this review with the confession that I've never been a huge fan of goats' milk. I like whole cows' milk. However in a previous career I was a wine specialist and learned to assess flavors without personal bias. Robinson Family milk is some of the highest quality goat's milk I've ever tasted. The flavor is incredibly clean because of Yvonne's obsession over hygiene and goat care. It is absolutely free of the goaty smell I've detected in so many other dairy's milk. I've also never detected any hint of pine or bitterweed that so many people try to pass off to their customers.

Goats' milk has a differently shaped , and some say more healthy, fat molecule to the cows milk I like, but many people complain that my preference tastes thick and heavy. Goat's milk has a lighter and fresher mouth feel more like a reduced fat cow's milk.

I recommend Robinson Family goat's milk to everyone who wants to try goats milk. I serve it to guests in my home and make delicious yogurt cheese from it. It's the best.

Anthony Stokes of Stokes Family Farm Beef and Pork

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Superb Milk
By: Caroline Joe    (Apr 13, 2010)

I have had the pleasure of touring Robinson Family Farm and purchasing several of their products (goat milk, rabbit, honey and eggs). The quality and taste of their products is superb due in part to the wonderful care of their animals (all have names), natural feed and years of farming knowledge and experience. The barn was one of the cleanest I have seen and the milking room was spotless because it is sanitized several times a day. I was extremely impressed with the unique flavor of the goat milk. Unlike many commercial products on the market, the milk produced by this farm lacks the sour, tangy flavor inherit in other goat milk. This milk is creamy but not overly rich and has a nice, subtle, mild flavor that can be used even in coffee. It's wonderful. If you haven't tried it, you should.

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