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No customer service for pricey CSA
By: Tamara Tanzillo    (Jun 12, 2019)

I am SUPER DISAPPOINTED with the customer service from Mint Creek Farms and Patchwork Farms. The CSA is PRICEY and I expected excellence. The eggs are FANTASTIC - but, you can buy them at farmers markets for the same price. The meat is frozen and hit and miss. Lamb neck bones? For the price - that?s kind of insulting. The produce seems to be what they need to get rid of and it quickly spoils. I have been to an event at Mint Creek and it is a well-run humane farm. The people are nice. Their is simply NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Imperfect Produce does a MUCH better job. Go to Mint Creek for the dinner and tour. Buy the scrumptious eggs at Farmers Markets. Skip the over-priced CSA. It seems like it?s an after-thought to move surplus product and not worth the cost.

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Happy animals raised in a sustainable manner
By: Will Robinson    (Jan 23, 2019)

This is the farm that got me to quit vegetarianism. Seeing the respect for the land that they have and the love they give to their animals will definitely make you think twice about buying that anonymous shrink-wrapped hunk of viscera from your local corporate shop.

Their lamb is outstanding and a personal favorite, their beef has actual flavor, but it's their eggs that will really spoil you. Whenever I have a dozen mint creek eggs all my friends are jealous - seriously. Their eggs came in my veggie CSA last season and for the first time in my patronage I had EXTRA! Made me pretty popular, I don't mind telling you.

Their farm dinners are also a delight, getting to see the animals and the progress they've made with the land over the last quarter century speaks to something in my Midwestern soul (yours too, I suspect). Their prices are high but not unreasonably so, especially given the quality of their sustainable meat, poultry, and eggs.

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Great Lamb & Beef.
By: Ame Vi    (Feb 17, 2010)

I have gotten lamb, beef and eggs from Mint Creek at Green City Market. They are always friendly and helpful. And their product is so yummy!

Their CSA is pretty cool too.

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Raya Carr says:    (Apr 17, 2017)

Thanks so much for supporting our farm. We hope to see you soon!