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Fantastic Garden and Market
By:    (Apr 20, 2015)

I am closing up my first season at Shadowood and couldn't be happier. I have not purchased any produce from the local stores since my garden started producing. I've been able to supplement my needs with their Saturday green market, so if I don't grow it... I can usually get it there. Not to mention other amazing finds from their Saturday market too!

I started the season in a small garden, not sure if I could handle a bigger garden. In Dec. a large garden was made available for taking over, and I moved most of my veggies over. It has been a great learning process, and the owners are there to support you in the process.

Workshops throughout the season will help any first timer and serve as a great reminder for the seasoned veteran gardener. They are on hand during "supervised" hours to assist and answer questions. They have a store on site for your garden needs, that I find comparable if not BETTER priced than the local big box stores.

Highly recommend this garden & market.

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Mary Beth Gleim says:    (Jan 12, 2016)

Thank you I'm new to the area and want to Find out what is available for our needs.

A Little Slice of Heaven
By: MaryLou Fogarty    (Feb 17, 2012)

When a garden space opened up this past December I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get my hands in the dirt and revisit childhood memories of gardening with my family. Having spent all my adult life in urban settings, I knew I needed a refresher course and guidance to get back to growing. And focuing on organic processes was a priority. Shadowood's beautiful environment and the intellignece and care Shadowood owners Sarah and Bob provide to each and every garden and gardener is remarkable. I'm now harvesting tomatoes, peppers, beans and an abundance of lettuces ( the richness of taste is amazing). I'm already getting my ideas and plans together for the start of next Fall's growing season!

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Wonderful, Fresh,Organic Produce
By: Debbie young    (Feb 23, 2011)

I love the thought of eating fresh organic food, but it's hard to find in Martin County. Instead of having to drive to Whole Foods twice a week ( I still don't know how fresh the food is) I now get fresh deliveries from Shadowood Farms. In October I rented a space and asked them to tend it for me. They Plant, water, feed, fight the bugs, fertilize, pick and deliver my own fresh organic food to me once a week (approx. 3-8 lbs.). I have fresh organic food without the bugs, sweat and dirt under my nails. I was also able to choose what I wanted them to plant. All of the food from the garden is fresh and there is such a difference in the taste, Fresh vs Grocery. The color, aroma, crunch its amazing. Shadowood has the space and knowledge to let anyone feed themselves and their families fresh food without the poison that is found in the majority of the food we eat today. We can control how much poison we eat and this is the way to do it.

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My Happy Place
By: Marnie Reed    (Feb 12, 2011)

While a long way from Brooklyn, Shadowood Farms is a mere 8 miles from my Port St. Lucie home. My partner, who lives in Stuart, has a might trek of 11 miles. We meet for gardening faithfully every Sunday with some "as needed" days thrown in here and there. I would go more if time permitted.

We started harvesting lettuce in November and my 2-4 bag a week purchases from Publix became a thing of the past. Our take from our garden has steadily increased until finally last week the only thing on the table for dinner that hadn't been grown from our garden was the meat.

Shadowood Farms is centrally located and easy to get to. Bob and Sarah are an enormous help to even the most experience-challenged newbie (such as myself). The only question left to answer is this:

Which is more fun... the farming or the feasting?

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A Dream Come True
By: Margaret Morales    (Nov 21, 2010)

Last year the Gated Private Club where I live in Palm City refused to allow personal garden plots. Until now, I have been buying my produce in Farmers Markets. The out door markets always felt better than buying from the grocery store but you still do not know where the items come from or how many people have handled them. The Coop Farms require you to receive things that you might not want. The key to Shadowood Farms is that you can plant and grow your own. If you travel, Sara and Bob will tend your plot for you. It reminds me of living in Italy with my Aunt where we tended the garden, knew the plants and their life history and enjoyed the harvest. It is a personal experience. Everything tastes better when it is appreciated and showered with loving care. Sarah and Bob have designed the farm so that each plot has a sprinkler system and they include a community plot that has a bounty of herbs and soon veggies that we can all enjoy. We all get so excited with the growth of our gardens, I can already see that we will miss it this summer! Already fellow garderners in neighboring plots have shared their lettuces with me! A wonderful discussion group that I am in has had a meeting under the pole barn. There Sarah has set up tables and chairs under cover for all to meet and explore her reference books. We store our gardening gloves and tools in baskets that they have provided. The larger pavilion is where there is a small store and a place we have meetings to discuss fertilizing and soon frost precautions. Bob helped us with tieing up our huge tomatoe plants. He chops bamboo stakes from their bamboo stand if we need them. Yesterday I bought some starter plants that Shadowood also sells, to plant in a friend's flower bed so that they have a garden growing when they come down after Thanks Giving. For me, Shadowood is Heaven!

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Warm, Easy, Friendly and Organic
By: Carlee Weston    (Nov 19, 2010)

As gardeners with a space at Shadowood Farm, my husband and I are thrilled that a) they exist, b) they have made it easier for us older people with the raised beds and c) they are friendly and knowledgeable.

We got a latish start, didn't plant until the end of October, but the seeds are sprouting and the plants are pushing.

When we returned from Maine this fall we were lamenting the lack of organic food and growing opportunities here in Martin County, then we learned about Shadowood, now we are a part of it and happy to be.

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