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Very happy!
By: Cindy Thomas    (Nov 1, 2018)

This is my first CSA experience & I am so happy!! The produce is beautiful with a great variety and the tips on how to store & the recipes are especially helpful for a newbie like me. Thursday is my favorite day of the week now!

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Thursday is now my favorite day of the week!
By:    (Aug 10, 2018)

I am new to the CSA program and this farm, but I am very pleased to be a part of this program and love working with Chimney Creek Farm!

I love the variety of fresh things I get each time, especially the new vegetables that I had not previously tried (radish greens, garlic scapes!) Produce is fresh, clean, and delicious!

I look forward to going to the farm on my pickup day! Pickup is always pleasant and easy. Will definitely re-up next year!

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Great CSA!
By: Karen Thompson    (Aug 2, 2018)

My first year in this CSA and I couldn?t be happier! I get a half box, premium share and non gmo eggs. Everything is so delicious and fresh! Love that wonderful recipes are included for the items that are new to me(as well as new recipes for familiar items). There is always a wonderful variety of items included in each share and often items are thoughtfully combined to make certain dishes/recipes. I have a very small garden of my own or I would definitely consider a full share next year.

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Love my CSA , Chimney Creek Farms
By: Sarah Gunberg    (Oct 14, 2016)

I look forward every week to my visit from Farmer Dean! I was given the full share plus the premium share with delivery from my family as a birthday present last May. I have really enjoyed the fresh produce delivered with a smile each week this past summer from Farmer Dean. I've enjoyed it so much I have signed up for the Winter share!! I've discovered vegetables that I have been afraid to purchase at the store and discovered how terrifically tasty they are. Thank goodness Chimney Creek Farms provides a wonderful Pintrest page to show how to prepare and enjoy the wonderful goodness from thier gardens!! I highly reccomend Chimney Creek Farms and the healthy produce and great service they provide!!

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What a great idea! And they do it well
By: Kim Barrows    (Oct 14, 2016)

I was so glad I called Deane and Linda! They were so kind to allow us over to see the farm right after I called and welcomed us in. They have great veggies, eggs and recipes, and we love the add ons! I never had heard of a CSA until Grand Rapids magazine had an article about it, and I am so blessed we tried it.

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Wonderful family and farm
By: Cheri Krueger    (Oct 6, 2016)

This was my first year ever doing a CSA. I looked forward every week to getting new foods to try on my family. We had a few that weren't our favorite, but it was fun trying. We had a lot of new foods that are now a staple in our kitchen. The pickup was super easy, and I loved how I was greeted with smile every time. I also enjoyed your sample dips and foods we could try when we picked up foods. The food was clean, and well taken care of. It was also packed very nice and I felt we had a decent amount of food to take home each week. We also did the premium share. It consisted of a lot of seasonal fruits, honey, jam and wonderful items. THere were some weeks my 4 kids ate the berries gone before we got home! I loved pickup, and the option to pick through the table of extra food if you could use more of the surplus items that came from the garden! I would highly recommend checking out Chimney Creek farm!

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We Love Chimney Creek Farms CSA!!!
By:    (Jul 9, 2016)

My husband and I just started this year, our first CSA experience, with Chimney Creek Farms. Farmer Dean has been wonderful delivering our goodies to our front porch and after meeting him for the first time he is very kind and really loves what he is doing.

The vegetables we get are a mixture of things we normally use and items we have never seen before so we are very grateful for the book they gave us as part of our "first year" experience called "A Guide to Cooking Farm-Fresh Seasonal Produce". We are currently doing the "every other week" delivery which gives us time to learn about what we are getting and gives us a little extra time to learn how to prepare and really enjoy our treats.

I am looking forward to the rest of what this year brings and I'm super stoked about the premium share add on's we get. The sweet cherries and blueberries this week had added lots of flavor to our high grain (no oil, no dairy) bread we eat and to our delicious oat meal!

Happy Farm Fresh Eating

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LOVED the CSA Experience with Chimney Creek
By:    (Mar 13, 2016)

Last year was the first time my husband and I had joined a CSA. Chimney Creek was recommended to us by a co-worker and we signed up for a half-share, not really knowing what to expect. As it turned out, CSA pickup day was often the highlight of my week. I loved getting the email previews on what to expect in that week's share, and we always came home with a couple of bags full of fresh, delicious produce. Deane, Linda and Tory are all amazing and make it such a fun experience to pick up at the farm -- often with the extra bonus of scrumptious recipe ideas, good conversation and sometimes even samples from the kitchen. We did the half premium share add-on, as well, and enjoyed the extra goodies. Between the half share & my own small garden, we had more than enough produce for our 2-person household. The only times I bought extra produce were maybe an onion here or there or something (like avocados) that doesn't grow in this climate. Can't wait until the CSA starts up again this year!

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says:    (Jul 9, 2016)

This is great! I might just do pick up next year! The whole farm experience sounds delightful.