Chimney Creek Farm is a small family farm located in northeast Kent County serving the Grand Rapids metropolitan area and surrounding cities with our CSA Veggie Box program (farm pickup and delivery available).

We are concerned with the health of our soil, the health of the food we produce, and the health of our CSA members. We bring you locally grown food from farmers you can put a face to and trust. Direct from our farm to your family.

We grow everything using only what nature intended. No GMO seeds, No pesticides, No herbicides, No chemical fertilizers, No steroids, No growth hormones, and No antibiotics. We do use sustainable farming methods, natural soil amendments, cover crops, compost, and manure to fertilize. Our animals and poultry are raised on pasture and treated humanely and with respect.

Please check out our website which has detailed information on our CSA Veggie Box program.

Your Farmers

Deane, Linda, and Tory

Listing last updated on Feb 9, 2018

Get your share started now with a $100 deposit. New member bonus - free CSA seasonal cookbook.

Season:  June through December

Type:  single farm

Since:  2010

Full Share:  $30 a week ($600 for the 20 week summer season & $300 for the 10 week fall season). More information online at:

1/2 Share:  $32.50 a week ($325 for the 10 week summer season & $162.50 for the 5 week fall season). A half share gets the same vegetables as the full share only every other week. More information online at:

Work Req?  No

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I look forward every week to my visit from Farmer Dean! I was given the full share plus the premium share with delivery from my family as a birthday present last May.... [more]

I was so glad I called Deane and Linda! They were so kind to allow us over to see the farm right after I called and welcomed us in. They have great veggies, eggs and recipes, and we love the add ons! I never had heard of a CSA until Grand Rapids magazine had an article about it, and I am so blessed we tried it.

This was my first year ever doing a CSA. I looked forward every week to getting new foods to try on my family. We had a few that weren't our favorite, but it was fun trying.... [more]

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