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Bad customer service
By: Damon Joung    (Jul 25, 2020)

I bought a salt from them almost 5months ago. I still haven?t received anything. I asked for refund, but they won?t process it. They said they finally sent me the package 2 weeks ago, but I am certain it doesn?t take more than 2 weeks for a small package to be delivered from MA to MA. They won?t even give me the shipping confirmation. I highly doubt that they sent me anything at all.

I am emailing with them for 5 months now, and now I get unprofessional emails from them. Is asking for a refund on a product that I never received for 5 months too much? They sometimes answer my questions with just a single word ?Yes? when I asked for shipping confirmation which I haven?t received. They always tell me to be patient when I have been waiting patiently for 5 months.

Never buy salt from them. I don?t want anyone to suffer as how I did.

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Chloe Hill says:    (Sep 30, 2020)

I ordered salt over a month ago and still haven?t received it. No reply to my email. I?m thinking of driving to their address and demanding a refund.