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No Communication, Unripe Produce, We Want Out
By: Cassandra Niemczyk    (Sep 6, 2020)

I seldom write negative reviews, but my overall experience with Wellhausen Farms has been far from sterling. I have sent several emails to Farmer Jim, but he has never replied. My husband called the phone number on the website and left a message, but nobody followed up the call. We have requested, in writing, cancellation of deliveries, but our requests have been ignored. Over a two week period we received three melons, none of which were edible because they were picked too soon--food for the compost bin. The much-acclaimed corn was all leaves and no corn, only tiny white undeveloped kernels. Today I cut up some tiny green peppers that looked like small green bell peppers. I had an allergic reaction with coughing and burning in my fingertips that went on for hours, Hot peppers should be labeled! We are paying money for food we are not able to eat. We no longer want to be in this co-op. What can we do to make the deliveries stop?

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Great Deal on Organics!
By: Daniela Arroyo    (Sep 4, 2014)

This is my first time being part of a CSA. What I've experienced so far with Wellhausen Farm has made me wonder why I haven't done it sooner! Farmer Jim always answers my emails. The fact that they deliver to my door is an even bigger plus. I feel spoiled after doing my research of the various CSA's out there. I'm sure the others are great, but I'm hoping not to find out anytime soon as I plan to sign up with this farm again next year. The weekly newsletters are always a treat and helpful. And I can't say enough about the produce! Everything is so fresh and good (I swear the zucchini keep getting bigger each week)! I would HIGHLY recommend this farm to family and friends!

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We LOVE Wellhausen
By: Jennifer Whitlock    (Aug 14, 2012)

This is our first year with Wellhausen but we're very happy with the service. I was a bit surprised by some of the negative comments listed here. It seems some people haven't really done much grocery shopping for organic produce before. I would say Wellhausen is a great deal! This year has been tough on the crops. My own garden has not produced nearly as much as in years past but somehow Wellhausen delivers produce to my door every week! It may not be a lot but it's definitley well worth the price.

We've also ordered eggs and butter from the farm. Both are spectacular. What a difference between this and the products on grocery store shelves.

To the naysayers - remember that part of joining a CSA is supporting local organic farmers. Not every year will yield fantastic harvest (hence the increasing prices of organic produce at the grocery store!). Support local farmers!

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Not Managed Well
By: Mrs. Cro    (Aug 8, 2011)

I've been a member of this Farm this year only and have no previous CSA experience to compare to. I can say this much, there is a lot of inconsistency and lack of communication from this farm to it's members. The newsletters come out at different times and longer than a month sometimes. The response is that the Farner himself is writing these lenghty newsletters and a suggestion to be helpful would be to have one of your family members write the newsletter for you and respond to emails. The bags of vegetables seem to repeat itself weekly. I am happy with the products but would like to see more variety. The problem with this farm is that you only offer additional products such as ground beef and butter at sporadic times with a large time gap in between. It's hard to get products you like when you want it and the price is unusually high, higher than Whole Foods sometimes. I've emailed Farmer Jim several times on not receiving my ground beef patties that I sent payment on and have yet to recieve a response. I think you need additional help when it comes to communicating with your members in a timely fashion and sending out order availabilities more frequently. I don't think all the work of the business should be put on one person. If this was managed better the experience for all the members would be better with less risk of losing business for the next year.

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A little fair balance
By: Tracy Van Treese    (Oct 17, 2010)

I don't think the last review is very fair. I am new to CSA's and overall this was a good experience.

I personally enjoyed Farmer Jim's weekly emails, I did not find them to be advertising at all but quite informative. Sure he had other products to sell, I liked learning about them and making a decision whether or not I wanted to buy, what's the harm in that? I'm sure other CSA's do the same thing~

I loved the weekly delivery to my door! Sure the times varied but I expected that due to traffic, weather, construction etc. I almost always had my bag by 2pm. Sure beats having to drive on a sunday to pick up my food.

Okay, variety wasn't the best but I believe mother nature played a big role in that, that is part of the risk you take when joining a CSA. It forced me to be more creative with food. I had no idea how many ways I could use apples in cooking! Not just for dessert thats for sure! Probably got a bit more Swiss Chard than I would like but never too many potatoes! I have months worth of mashed potatoes in the freezer to enjoy! The squash is excellent, great radishes and how about that beautiful huge pumpkin we got last week!! The strawberries, snap peas, basil, corn to name a few were all very good!

My 7 year old loved opening the bag each week to see what surprises we had from "the farmer". He still talks about that sweet corn saying "the farmer sure does grow good corn!"

So there you have it, a little fair balance. I think we are a bit spoiled due to access to a variety of foods at the grocery stores. If that's what you want than joining a CSA may not be for you. For me, knowing that my food is locally grown and free of harmful chemicals is worth it!

Thanks to you farmer Jim and all the rest that do their best to provide our families with the best possible foods, I appreciate all your hard work!

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darlene brayton says:    (Oct 20, 2010)

I have also subscribed to other CSA's, and agree that the variety and quantity was less than desired with Wellhausen. I was atracted to this CSA because of the delivery service, but found that the amount of food and variety was lacking. I will not renew next year, and will probably go back to my previous CSA. Wellhausen really needs to step it up if they are charging so much, i could have easily bought 2x as much (and have) at an organic farmers market. so ,if this is your first experience with CSA's I applaud you for buying locally, but know that there are better(and less expensive) options out there :)

Julie Paschal says:    (Oct 21, 2010)

I have to agree with Tracy. My husband and I have been members with Wellhausen for 3 years now. Some years you get a lot of produce and more variety. Other years, not so much. It's part of investing in your local farmer. This year was a little light and the variety was lacking, but last year was very good. I bet next year will pick back up. My own garden was a bit lack luster this year-Mother Nature is not predictable. Jim and his family give 110% effort and I appreciate it. The cheese and beef we bought this year were very good!

Not a good choice
By: Kelly Zownorega    (Oct 5, 2010)

I have used a few different CSA farms over the years and did not like Wellhausen Farm. Reasons are listed below:

1-Weekly emails were advertising emails to order other products such as cheese and meats. No notification of what we were actually going to receive that week.

2-Deliveries were not consistent on time, food would sit out for several hours.

3-Delivery bag had very little food each week. Not a good value for $19.00

4-Repetitive food each week with very little variety.

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Jim Wellhausen says:    (Oct 18, 2010)

Kelly, First, thank you for trying out our farm program. But, let's be truthful here. I can understand if you didn't feel the weekly deliveries of organically grown produce to your home was worth the money. That's a decision only you can make. Obviously, for a lot of people it is, or we would be out of business. You are the first person ever, to complain about our emails. Most people let us know how much they enjoy reading them. They not only read them, they plan out the weeks menu with them. A few people even let me know that our emails made them laugh, or cry. Of the nine deliveries we made to your home, all but one was made between 1:00 and 2:00 in the afternoon. On the 27th of June we did not deliver until 5:57 because one of our delivery trucks broke down. Each week I would ring your door bell to let you know your food was home. Kelly, you joined the farm as a full member. After seven weeks into the program, you wanted to become a half share. No problem, we made that change for you. Of the nine deliveries we made to your home, you paid for seven. Then, the first week in October you let me know you wanted to stop deliveries. Again, no problem. But sixteen weeks, into a twenty one week season, you want a full refund of your membership fee. That's like joining a country club, playing golf all summer, then wanting your membership fee back. Any farmer will tell you that we are not perfect, and a CSA is not for everyone. When you signed up for our program, you were informed then, your membership fee was not refundable. We kept our word, and grew food for you at our farm. Then we delivered it to your home, when you wanted it. You kept your word when you told me, to refund your money, or you would post a bad comment on local harvest. I took the time to write this long reply so, everyone would know the truth, and could read between the lines. Farmer Jim

Thomas Hall says:    (Dec 23, 2011)

Im not sticking up for this farm.But im a farmer.Our gardens were down 50%because of weather.We don't water our gardens.Our field corn crop was almost lost this year and was down 20% over the past few years.It was only saved by the rain hitting just in time.All due to weather.So it is up to mother nature.So as a farmer you have some control but your still shooting dice! Once in a while your lucky,sometimes even and some bad.You just pray it will all works out.

Great to work with, despite poor season
By: Debbi Lillig    (Apr 29, 2010)

Every season is a gamble, that is the plight of the small farmer, despite that, Karen and Jamie kept us abreast of what was going on, good and bad. 2009 was rainy and unusually cold, but what we got was delicious, the eggs were golden and fresh, and the cheese option, we have never had such yummy cheese. I know other review have had issues, but as I mentioned, farming is a gamble and so are CSA's the farmer does the best he can to control his crops, but nature still has a say. We signed up again, because we were very pleased with the service we got, the produce shows up on my doorstep, what more can I ask for. Wellhausen is small and in touch with their customers. I've always gotten quick responses to my emails,and smiles with my veggies.

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Very Disappointed
By: PATRICIA ADAMSKI    (Mar 30, 2010)

The harvests did not arrive as promised early on a Sunday morning it was usually late afternoon. This required us to stay home on Sunday to wait for delivery. We were promised fresh eggs we only got them once. I cancelled our service and was promised my owed refund after I returned the bag and am still waiting. First it was promised after I returned bag then a month out then after the fist of the year and still nothing. Very disappointed in the produce that by the time it reached us it was very wilted.

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