Welcome to our family farm! We've been growing food that's safe for your family to eat for over a decade. We blend modern horticulture growing techniques, with old school agriculture. The result is a sustainable farming system that meets organic standards. Fresh, local, healthy food. Food that's good for you, and our environment.

Our produce is hand harvested and delivered to your home weekly within hours of harvest. How fresh is that? At Wellhausen we have fun with our food. We provide our customers with recipies on how to prepare your food every week. Food so good, we put our name on it.

Be a part of what you eat. Knowing were your food comes from, and how it is grown, has never been so important! Any way you slice it ,Wellhausen Farms is the place to go for locally grown food!

Sign up for the 2017season has begun. Don't wait to join!! We sold out all of our shares early last year. So, reserve your membership in the Wellhausen Farms program today.

PS Want to learn how we do it? We have internships available!

Listing last updated on Dec 15, 2016

A real farm, growing real food for you! Some barns, a few tractors, pigs, chickens, and cows. Farming the way it was done before pesticides and toxins. A time when pride was more important than profit. Never has it been so important to know where your food comes from. We are your path to begining, or maintaining, a healthy, green, and sustainable lifestyle! We grow safe food, and bring it home for you. Why not come grow with us? We bring good things home.

Season:  June through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2000

# of Shares:  180

Share Prices:   $593 full price, full share 22 deliveries from our farm. to your home

Work Req?  No

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