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Happy to have a LOCAL farmer who does what RRF does.
By: B. Smith    (Jan 1, 2016)

After conversing with Farmer "X" and taking notes, my husband & I joined the RRF/CSA program - in April of 2013.

CSA members are like a family of friends. A family which care about one another and A family that look out for one another.

One feels Empowered as you learn about the whole healthy/organic/holistic way of eating.

My husband and I feel very SAFE and can RELAX, when making our meat purchases - as CSA members, because of their heritage breed livestock, which are grown & slaughtered Ethically.

The people at RRF are LIFE oriented. In other words, our local CSA farmers care more about what goes into Our bodies, and in their animal's mouths, than does our US gov't who back Monsanto food-poisoning of our Most-used, crop-staples, like Sugar, Wheat, Cotton, Corn etc.

We are blest to have found out about RRF and grateful to God, for a healthier life. No one should Perish because they did not have the Knowledge they needed, to be we as CSA members remain - Informed! : )

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Blown away!
By: Amy Baars    (Mar 5, 2013)

Talked with Xenia for over an hour on the phone today. Beyond her impressive knowledge, was her passion to help people learn and do the same. I wish every farm and rancher would learn to manage as Rainbow Ranch does. I cannot wait to join and enjoy her truly heritage, free-ranged, grain free birds!

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Rainbow Ranch Farms says:    (Mar 15, 2013)

Amy, Thank you for your wonderful feedback. It means a lot to us. Welcome to Rainbow Ranch Farms, we are very happy to start sharing and creating valuable, and memorable, good times.

Best chicken I've ever eaten!
By: Cynthia Kron    (Dec 18, 2012)

I am new to RRF. I wanted to try their products before signed up for a CSA membershop, so I bought a chicken through Lindy and Grundy, a pastured/grass-fed butcher in Los Angeles.

I hardly did anything to this chicken before roasting it -- just seasoned it lightly by putting fresh herbs under the skin. This was the tastiest chicken I've ever eaten--and I've bought plenty of pastured chickens since going "beyond organic" a few years ago. This chicken was better than the rest (and that is saying a lot as those "other" chickens were already much better than most organic chickens) and it was incredibly moist. It tasted like I had brined this bird even though I hadn't done so.

To follow up, I wanted to learn about a CSA membership and so I called RRF. I spoke with Xenia--she was absolutely terrific. She spent a ton of time with me on the phone educating me about her farming practices, feed, how the CSA works and the various options.

I am just in the process of becoming a CSA member so I cannot offer any further insights but so far I am impressed.

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Cynthia Kron says:    (Jan 7, 2013)

Just made chicken #2 from RRF, and I purposely roasted it very plainly so I could simply taste the quality of the meat and not be swayed by sauces, herbs and spices. It was moist, delicious and tasty.

By: Farnsworth Family    (Nov 25, 2012)

Cooked 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving. 1. Organic, free-range, heritage (bronze) turkey from Whole Foods. Grown in 16 weeks, on corn and soy.

2. Organic, free-range, heritage (Midget White) turkey from R.R.F. Grown in 28 weeks, without grains, and without corn or soy.

Both turkeys were between 14-15lbs each.

Rinsed, salted and placed in covered broiler pans, in the pre-heated oven.

Both cooked in about 6 hours, at 325 degrees.

Both turkeys were uncovered and browned on 500 degrees, for 20 minutes.

A family taste test began.

The W.F. turkey breast was a little too dry, there was little flavor, and the underlayer of the skin was very fatty and not really edible.

The R.R.F. turkey breast was moist, had a natural flavor of it's own, the skin was crispy and tasty. This turkey needed no seasoning at all.

This was the first time I ever spent over $200.00 on a Thanksgiving turkey, from a local farm. I helped pluck the feathers, and clean my turkey, with the patience, and expertise of the farmers.

My family was shocked by the great, natural flavor, and the tender texture of the R.R.F. turkey. Now my entire family is going to pitch-in every year to make sure I get a fresh turkey from R.R.F.

This whole hands on experience, and agricultural education was WORTH IT. We are going to start a R.R.F. farm membership in January.

Many thanks, from the Farnsworth family.

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Luke Hagenbach says:    (Nov 27, 2012)

They charge over $200 for a turkey?

All the Rave! Spanish Black Turkey
By: Brad & Corrina Matthews    (Nov 24, 2012)

We looked for years to find organic grain-free, and free-range meat and eggs.

We called and spoke with Xenia for about an hour. She invited us out to the farm, and gave us the full tour, and while there, she enlisted us to work. We all drove to the pasture to help load 2 cows that were destined for beef. We had the most eventful, and exciting day. It was a blast!!!

Dennis and Xenia are very knowledgeable about livestock, the ethical treatment of animals, and they even grow and develop, grain-free food for the animals.

We love our new friends/farmers, enjoy the farm events, and Bar-B-Que lunches, and we are very pleased with our farm membership, and all our delicious food.

Our Spanish Black turkey was the best tasting turkey we had ever had, and now our dinner table, will be the new official "Thanksgiving dinner tradition". Cheers to new traditions, and to the best farmers in the world!

THANK YOU! Dennis, Xenia, and all the volunteers at Rainbow Ranch Farms. See you at next C.S.A. pick-up.

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Best Turkey, Poultry, Meat & Eggs, EVER!!
By: Darlene Finch    (Nov 24, 2012)

We are grateful to know our farmers, and know our food. Rainbow Ranch Farms grows only the best quality meat and eggs.

We have been farm members for 5 years, and we have nothing but praise.

Our Thanksgiving, heritage turkey was the hit of the year, at our family dinner, and we are lucky to have found Rainbow Ranch Farms, and thankful that they allow us to help around the farms and ranches.

God Bless You!

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Free Range, Heritage Turkey
By:    (Nov 21, 2012)

I have purchased a turkey from Rainbow Acres Farm for three years now. The turkey meat is absolutely delicious. It's the best turkey we've ever had. The family at Rainbow Acres Farm is not only extremely helpful but also very knowledgeable. Sally is great. She does everything she can to help you. These turkeys cost more than the grocery store turkey, but you really can't compare. It's worth every penny, to have good for you food, not chemicals and hormones.

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Good People - Where are you?
By: Mae Truong    (Nov 6, 2012)

I don't usually write reviews! Working in the multi-billion dollar organizations for 14+ years, I have learned not to easily "trust" the world. For the past months I have been searching for "true" food. Food that is back to the basic! I called, emailed, and talked with over a dozen farmers, but NO ONE was friendly, sweet, and informative as Xenia. I ended up spending a lot of money purchasing food that I thought was best until I spoke with Xenia. What she told me makes perfect sense. If only I spoke with her sooner!

Xenia impressed me! She spent almost like an hour on the phone with me, explaining and teaching me farming and food source. It was incredible! She hardly knew me, but was willingly spending time talking with me. She opened her heart to me. She shared with me stories about helping people and how she had helped people. Her farming principles and philosophy are admirable! By the end of the call, I did not just know her products and farming methods, but I knew her.

I ended the call with a changed attitude! I could not believe that people like her (selfless, caring, and community oriented) are still around today.

You could tell when someone is really passionate in what they do. Xenia is definitely passionate about farming, helping people, and doing the right thing.

You inspire me!!!

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