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We're living better than ever!
By: David Sears    (Jul 1, 2017)

Even Star Farm has changed our lives! We used to think that veggie paradise was the produce section at Whole Foods. But that stuff pales in comparison to the fantastic tasty greens, mushrooms, sorrel, tomatillos, and other delectables that we get each week from Brett! This CSA will provide A+ quality of well-known items, such as sweet potatoes and tomatoes -- but we get unusual varieties with richer flavors than we've ever had before. In addition, Even Star often gives us some stuff we never tried before -- and usually with a couple of bites we're addicts. If you join, be sure go to the annual party at the farm -- fun to see the chickens and veggies and meet some other lucky members of this great CSA! Dave & Sara

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Excellent organic produce and service
By: Michele Stark    (Jan 14, 2017)

I highly recommend Even' Star Organic Farm's CSA because they are organic, high quality, flavorful and delicious, conveniently deliver to My Organic Markets, and other locations in the DMV. So one can shop and pickup their CSA in the same place!

The CSA's that deliver to Alexandria, VA and produce at the Del Rey and Old Town Farmers Markets are mostly NOT organic. For some reason organic and local is hard to find in Alexandria, VA.

Even' Star's greens and Mesclun salad mixes, which they offer in the winter CSA are excellent and better than what you get in the organic section of your market. The variety in the winter CSA is wonderful and delicious. One gets several types of sweet potatoes, for example, and exposed to new types of turnips and radishes. Early in the winter CSA, which includes the fall, one also gets amazing peppers and tomatillos. It is a really good value for the money. Each box contains plenty of greens and variety of other vegetables to make several meals.

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So happy--will definitely continue to be a member
By: Christine Traettino    (Jan 13, 2016)

For anyone who is considering a winter CSA, I highly recommend Even Star. I like to eat a lot of different vegetables--and you get a box full every week of greens, root vegetables, and every week is a joy to see what will be in the box. The kale is outstanding--it's not bitter at all and that's a real surprise. The fresh salad greens are well-washed and mixed with many varieties. I love getting unique items that I've never tried before because it expands my horizons beyond what is typically found in a standard grocery store. I make nice vegetable soups almost every week now with some added carrots, celery and onions from home. Also, the herbs like cilantro and dill aren't weekly, but are really nice to have for added flavor. I'm really looking forward to visiting their farm one day soon. They have a CSA party for members in the late spring which should be fun to see where all the magic happens and meet the caring folks who grow my delicious, organic, nutritious meals

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Delicious, joyful, healing
By: Kathy Stockton    (Oct 18, 2015)

I recently attended a workshop with an Oglala Lakota man teaching about connections with the earth as means for emotional healing, like from grief, as well as normal physical health. Even' Star Organic Farm fosters that primal connection. It is a joy for me to be there, to be able to get such beautiful food, it feels like true abundance, and great fun to prepare, because it is so beautiful and joyful. And then I get to eat it! It is delicious. I simply cannot eat processed food from the grocery store any more. I eat what is in season at the farm. I feel sorry for processed food; all its abundance, joy, and taste are stripped from it. Not so at Even Star! The plants are happy, the chickens are happy, the ground is happy (and the dogs are happy!), joy exudes there. It is reflected in the food, and it makes my body so much happier. I am healthier, and getting even better, every day. This is what food should be.

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Best CSA in DC area
By: Denise Mitchell    (Apr 26, 2014)

I've been a winter CSA member for 5 years and this has got to be the best CSA in the DC area. The foods are excellent, often hard-to-find varieties. Brett, a former chef, is always testing for tastier or hardier strains and shares cooking suggestions as well as local food commentary with CSA members. He co-authored a terrific cookbook too. Even in the recent tough winter, the selections were varied, creative and generous.

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First time with this CSA- great experience
By: Angie Hermes    (May 8, 2013)

This winter was my first season as part of Even' Star's CSA, and it was great! Wonderful veggies, a nice mix of other products like jams, salsa, salt/spice mixes, and more. The sweet potato varieties they have, oh my gosh, life-changing, some of the best sweet potatoes I have ever had. Their weekly emails, range of pick up locations, and responsive customer service make this farm such a joy to support.

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Best CSA ever!
By: Kristen Berthelotte    (Aug 31, 2012)

This is our first season receiving produce from Even'Star and we are loving it! Brett and his team and extremely professional and communicative, always emailing the day before to let everyone know what is coming in the veggie box the next day and even giving tips on storage, cooking and eating.

All of the vegetables have been so high quality and delicious and we always receive a wide variety. We have been a part of CSAs before and really noticed a difference in the quality of the service and communication. Additionally, all of the high season produce has been in really useful and reasonable quantities- we haven't had a week when we received 3 dozen of one veggie and nothing else- there is always an excellent variety so that we don't have to buy any additional fruits and veggies at the grocery store or market. Love it!

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long time CSA member
By: greg kolarik    (Jul 12, 2012)

simply put, Even' Star always strives to make the customer happy. From the helpful workers on the farm and at the stands to the top of the chain , Brett G, the entire outfit understands what their customers are after. Even'Star provides top notch produce 12 months out of the year. I have been completely satisfied as a CSA member and going back prior to the CSA's creation (1998). I have recommended the Even'Star farm to everyone I come into contact with.

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