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The Corriente breed, also called Criollo, can be traced to the first cattle brought to the Americas by the Spanish explorers in the late 15th century. Few animals remain of this original breed because by the 1900's many ranchers in the Americas were upgrading their herds with modern beef cattle that gain weight more rapidly and efficiently.  Corriente are small, narrow, lean and agile cattle with medium-length curved horns. Today, Corriente cattle are bred for their sped and dexterity as excellent roping cattle, and are not raised for beef.

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Yoke S Ranch

  Russell, IA

We are a family owned and operated cattle ranch in South Central Iowa. We raise Corriente cattle, the original cattle breed in North America. They are a small animal by cow standards with an adult animal weighing between 750 and 900 lbs. According to Slow Food USA, Ark of taste tests, they are low Cholesterol, Low Calorie and low fat. (more...)

Utah Natural Meat

  West Jordan, UT

It's back to basics at our farm as we raise food the old-fashioned way. No antibiotics. No added hormones. A lot of grass and a lot of space. Currently offering grass-fed beef, lamb & goat and pastured pork, turkey, chicken and eggs in the Salt Lake County area. Bulk orders and separate cuts available. Raw milk coming soon.(more...)

Shreveport Farmers Market

  Shreveport, LA

Our large market takes place Summer 2016 Saturdays, June 4 to August 27 (except June 18) Tuesdays, June 7 to July 18 Fall 2016 Saturdays, October 22 to November 19(more...)

Natural Harvest Farm

  Cowen, WV

We are recently again operational after a longer period of recovery from an industrial accident that I expected. Getting back on my feet took a while, little did I know, there is a lot of recovery after that. We have old spots hogs and expect pigs in the early spring. We are preparing to forest finish them. (more...)

Manasseh, Inc

  Roanoke, IN

Corriente Cattle bred and grass fed on pasture grass and alfalfa hay. Cattle live in sheltered wooded area with deep ravines and give birth to their young without difficulty. Smaller, leaner cattle that yield high Omega 3 and CLA benefits. Local processing. Custom orders available.(more...)