Chapalote Corn

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Once a staple food for the American Indians, this ancient corn species was the first corn to enter the US from Central America. The Chapalote kernels vary in color from bright yellow to deep coffee, and grow on small, cigar-shaped ears that taper on both ends. The plants are particularly well-adapted to the arid subtropical climates of the southwestern US. One of the best ways top enjoy this crop is in the form of a sweetly-flavored traditional American Andrian drink called chapalote pinole, which is currently produced by the Boudreaux family in southern California.

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Wagner Farms

  Corrales, NM

Located in the heart of Corrales is Wagner's Farm. This farm has been around since 1910 and has been owned and operated through four generation of the Wagner Family. Come shop at the Wagner's Farm store in Corrales and you will find farm fresh produce that is picked every morning. (more...)


  Waddell, AZ

Janna Anderson grows sustainably on 40 acres in Waddell and Organically in Laveen on my 7 acre orchard purchased in 2011. Since I bought the abandonded little adobe section house from Phoenix's historic 1930's farming past, I have enjoyed redeveloping the property which was once a citrus orchard and turning it back into agricultural use. (more...)

Native Seeds/SEARCH

  Tucson, AZ

Native Seeds/SEARCH conserves, distributes and documents the adapted and diverse varieties of agricultural seeds, their wild relatives and the role these seeds play in cultures of the American Southwest and northwest Mexico. (more...)

Edible Gardens : Heirloom Seeds from Around the World

  Santa Barbara, CA

Our organic farm located in the historic farming region of Goleta, California specializes in the breeding of high-quality heirloom organic seeds. We also offer a wide variety of seasonal organic crops, including asian and thai specialty varieties. (more...)

Black Sheep Meadows


Black Sheep Meadows Farm is located at the base of the beautiful Moosic Mountains in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Our 75 acre farm, integrates bio-dynamic practices, permaculture, and sustainable farming traditions. We grow fruit, vegetables, chickens, eggs, sheep, and honey, concentrating on heirloom varieties, and forgotten Old World cultivars. (more...)

Birch Point Farm

  Traverse City, MI

NOVEMBER: THANKSGIVING SHARES STILL AVAILABLE! Call 231-933-7256 or email to reserve yours. (more...)