Wine Vinegar, Orleans Method

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Though scientific advances have made large-scale production of vinegars fast and easy, it is the handcrafted Orleans method that allows for the most full-bodied and nutrient-rich wine vinegars. Unlike most modern vinegar making, which is based on rapid, forced fermentation, and flushing the wine with oxygen, the Orleans technique requires the vinegar to age for ten months in small French Oak barrels. As a consequence of this extensive process, very little commercial production of the vinegar exists in the US. The taste of this vinegar is described as bright, smooth and fruity.

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Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery

  Chicago, IL

Wild Blossom Meadery & Winery was founded to produce the finest honey wines (Meads) in the Midwest. We are Chicago's first winery and Illinois’ only meadery on the Northern Illinois Wine Trail. We are especially proud to utilize local honeys and fruits in both traditional and contemporary styles of meads. (more...)

The Poultry Hatchery

  Clifton Springs, NY

The Poultry Hatchery is the areas leading producer of pasture raised poultry, day old chicks, started laying hens, and over 285 breeds of heritage & rare poultry. We raise all breeds of chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, geese, freedom rangers, Cornish cross broilers, & more. (more...)

The Community Exchange

  Kettle Falls, WA    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

The Community Exchange is a family owned and operated 20+ organic acres - with access to thousands of wilderness acres that provides us an abundance --- which we share here with you and with our local communities through carefully hand crafted delights. Thanks for visiting us! (more...)

The Ag District - Home of Chrysalis Vineyards & Locksley Estate Farmstead Cheese Co.

  Middleburg, VA

"The Ag District" is the 412acre home of Chrysalis Vineyards and the Locksley Estate Farmstead Cheese Company. We are located in scenic Loudon County, outside the village of Middleburg, Virginia. (more...)

Sustainable Dream Greenhouses

  Lanesboro, MN

Sustainable Dream Greenhouses highlights annual and perennial vegetables, herbs, and flowers, with particular emphasis on edible ornamentals and perennial fruits & vegetables. (more...)

Small World Food

  Rochester, NY

Small World Food Collective offers artisan breads and sweets made from whole-grain flours freshly-milled from local organic wheat, raw hot sauce, sauerkraut, miso, and kimchi handmade from local organic veggies, apple cider vingear made from local organic apples, and other such foods centered around local & regional ingredients. (more...)