Borrowed Thyme Farm and Rabbitry

We are a small free range, family farm located in New Egypt, NJ. Our farm has heritage breeds of pigs, chickens, ducks and rabbits. Currently the chickens we have are Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Black Austrolorp, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Dominques and Welsummer. Also we have a small flock of Ameraucana for the beautiful blue eggs they lay. Our duck flock has an array of breeds. We have Welsh Harlquin, Saxony and a few Pekins. Our chickens or ducks don't receive medications in their feeds. The feed does not have ruminent animal by products in them. For treats, our chickens get oats, sunflower seed, millet, wheat, milo and other grains as their scratch. We also supplement with chopped hay in the winter. Chickens and ducks are free ranged during the day. They are allowed to exhibit their natural behaviors. Let a chicken be a chicken!!!

Pig Shares available for the 2015 season. $3.25 a pound hanging weight, you pay the butcher. Butcher in the fall. Please check out our website for details.

For sale are mixed cartons of brown and blue chicken eggs. $4.00 per dozen. For sale are duck eggs. $6 per dozen for jumbo and $7 per dozen for ex-jumbo.

In the Spring, we will be hatching chicks from our assorted breeds, and will have extras for sale. Please check back for availablility. If there is a certain breed that you are interested in, call and put in an order early. This way we can adjust our incubator times accordingly. Ducks: Breeding stock for sale as well as roasting duck. $15-$20 per bird for breeding stock. Eating duck is $6 per lb.

Rabbits: We have a herd of 100 rabbits. We are breeding rare heritage American, and Silver Fox and Havana rabbits. Ask for availablility. Check out some information on the Ark of Taste website about Americans, and Silver Fox, Breeding Stock: Americans-$60, Silver Fox-$80, Havana-$40 Rabbit Fryers or roasters: $8/pound Rabbit or horse manure for sale: 50 lb bag-$3, you load your truck for $20!


Listing last updated on Apr 6, 2015

Heritage breeds of chickens lay our free range brown and blue/green eggs. $4.00 per dozen. Free range duck eggs, $6.00 per dozen, $7 per dozen for ex-jumbo. Will ship. Hatching eggs, $2 per egg + shipping if needed. Chicks, ducklings & goslings $4-$20 each. Rabbits: American blue, Silver Fox, & Havana, $50-$100 each with pedigree. Ask about availability. Eating rabbits also available, for $8/pound. Eating ducks also available, for $6/pound. Pig shares

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2010

# of Shares:  15

Full Share:  $16 per month for 4 dozen chicken eggs per month. Duck eggs also available. Also, have pig shares available.

1/2 Share:  $8 per month for 2 dozen chicken eggs per month. Duck eggs also available.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Eggs are in a small refrigerator at the end of the barn. Help yourself. Watch out for my chickens and ducks crossing the road!!!!

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Pig Shares


Borrowed Thyme Farm is offering full and half pig shares for the 2015 growing season. Our piglets are coming from Pineybuck Farm down in Vineland. The sow and her piglets are raised on pasture, (when there is pasture) and non-GMO feed.... [more]

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