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Welcome to Didaskalos Farm. By the providence of God we are now working our small farm in Donalds. SC. We started farming in Trinity, AL in 2004. So we have just a little experience now! :-) We have downsized a bit in our cow population but we have our well bred Jersey cow named Callie and we drink our milk raw! We are 95% grass fed and we use as natural approach to farming as God has designed. Our chickens are awesome! We have Cinnamon Queens, Silver Laced Wyandottes, Buckeyes and some Dominiques with a few others mixed in. They are supplying delicious eggs daily. Our chickens are free range and fed only organic soy free layer rations from Reedy Fork Organics in NC. Our eggs are the best! They go fast so email or call if you are looking for some. They are $3.50 per dozen.** We have added some Silver Appleyard ducks to our list of fowl and we hope that by next Spring to offer some eggs and duck meat. Our goats are registered Saanen's a very good dairy goat breed. Hopefully Feta cheese will be available soon. We now have some Gulf Coast Native sheep on the farm. A lovely ewe and young ram lamb and a wether. Thanks goes out to Cathy Payne over in GA. Broad River Pastures. Hopefully we can preserve the breed and offer some delicious lamb/wool for folks. We planted some organic apple trees and some strawberries. Added a top bar hive with a full load of honey bees that we are raising as organically as possible. Lord willing we can grow our own organic apples, strawberries and offer some honey as it seems that it is almost unheard of at all anymore. We will be focusing more on teaching the many aspects of farm life. Such as cheese making, cow milking, chick brooding, organic beekeeping and natural ways to eat and live. So please give the farm a call if you are in the neighborhood or desire to visit this neck of the woods. You can find us on Facebook at Didaskalos Farm. *** We are also raising a few organically fed turkeys for the freezer. We will be slaughtering at the end of August. They vary in size so if you are looking for delicious turkey for Thanksgiving give us a call. They will go fast.***


Listing last updated on Jul 30, 2014

Our Spring/Summer organically grown small market garden this year is doing awesome! It is so hard to find organically grown vegetable and fruit. Lord willing, we will be offering seedlings of various kinds as well as fruits and vegetables in the Spring of 2015. As we see success we will list what we have and you can purchase direct from the farm. We are so excited to see what food this farm can offer. Our two varieties of zucchini produced over the top. And everything else is amazing!

Schedule and Location:

We are open here on the farm from 8:30 - 5:30 Monday -Saturday. We are in the process of opening our small cottage/farm store on the property. It is a work in progress so please feel free to give feedback as to products you would like to see offered other than what we grow. Only organic or sustainably grown goods will be offered.

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I love their eggs and the raw milk is delicious! Very professional and every time I've had their meat it's been excellent as well. Highly recommend!!

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