Hodgepodge Farm (also feed and hatchery)

Saint Charles, Kentucky
Family Farm

Mom and Pop farm business, loving the country life. Raising 4 steers to market weight. Will sell on the hoof, ready in April/May 2013. Calves are mostly grass /hay fed but get a gallon scoop of grain per day to assure great nutrition. We feed our animals Amish ground feed and also we are a Hubbard Dealer. Have a small feed store on site.

We are multi-faceted including a hatchery from which you can purchase young chicks usually May thru Sept of each year Lord willing. We currently raise 5 breeds of mostly heritage chickens. Black australorp, welsummer, french black copper marans, plymouth barred rock, and easter eggers (which lay green eggs), 3 breeds of heritage turkeys, including royal palm and blue slate. Jumbo pearl guineas and peacock aka peafowl. With an appointment we will show you the parent stock. Also a welding shop, custom hatching including if you provide feed - organic feed for your chicks. Stay tuned for what God has in store for our farm lives.

Listing last updated on Dec 14, 2012

Accepting orders for 3 steers to be market weight May 2013. Local sales with local butcher. Dec 2012 have peacock feathers for sale. Planning to start hatching in spring when we hope to sell chicks locally, (we don't ship live poultry) 5 breeds of chickens all breeds run separately. 3 breeds of heritage turkeys, jumbo pearl guinea keets, and india blue peafowl. Also limited quantities of farm fresh eggs for sale. Find us on facebook - hodgepodge farm or hodgepodge hatchery. God bless y'all

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