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Lance's Farm Vittles is a third-generation family farm on the north coast of Oregon. My grandfather bought the farm in the 40's, milking cows and raising a few beef cows. I grew up on this farm and began selling beef and pork wholes and halves to neighbors while I was in high school. About 9 years ago my wife and I added a small flock of Icelandic sheep to the farm menagerie and decided to try selling our fresh frozen beef, lamb and pork at the local farmers' markets. We had good community support and soon added whole fryers to our list after several requests by customers.

The beef cows and sheep are on pasture full time with hay offered during winter. They receive no grain. Our Icelandic sheep also provide us with fleeces of all colors. We sell raw fleeces, roving, hand spun (we do all the hand spinning) and mill spun yarn, felt, and batting.

Our chickens are raised in a field behind our house. After 3 weeks in a homemade brooder, the chickens are moved in a mostly predator proof, movable pen. We move their pen at least once a day so they can have fresh grass, bugs, worms, etc. We also feed them vegetable protein based poultry food from the local feed store.

We raise 6-12 pigs at a time in a large barn pen that has plenty of rooting and loafing room. Pigs are sometimes pastured depending on weather and mud. They receive left over milk from the dairy, vegetable protein based grain, barley, household compost and fresh grass during summer.


Listing last updated on Jan 4, 2014

Lance's Farm Vittles offers grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured poultry, and milk-fed pork and wool products. All meat is sold fresh frozen and contains no hormones or antibiotics. Beef, lamb, and pork are sold as wholes, halves, and as a variety of individual cuts. Chickens are sold as whole fryers/broilers only. We sell our products directly from the farm and at the 2nd St. Public Market in Tillamook year round and at the Tillamook, Manzanita and Cannon Beach Farmers' Markets during summer.

Schedule and Location:

Tillamook Farmers' Market, Saturdays 9:00 am - 2:00 pm, June - September

Manzanita Farmers' Market, Fridays 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm, late June - September

Cannon Beach Farmers' Market, Tuesdays 2:00pm - 6:00 pm, mid June - September

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