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Lil' Ponderosa Beef is grown on our Carlisle, PA 350-acre family farm. It is 100% natural from a closed herd of purebred black angus cattle. You can learn more about our operation by going directly to our

Our cattle are never fed grain at any point during their life. We raise and FINISH our cattle on grass---ONLY. We grow all of our own feed. A 60/40 ratio of grass and legumes which are fed as dry hay and haylage during periods when grass is short or unavailable.

We do not use hormones, implants, or any artificial feed. No animal by-products are fed. No chemicals are used on the farm as fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides.

Our family and farm has received numerous awards:

In 2011 we received the "Conservation Farmer of the Year" award from the Chesapeake Bay Water Shed Conservation District of Cumberland County, PA

In 2006, at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association gathering in Denver, CO, we accepted the National 2005 Environmental Stewardship award for Region I.

In 2003, the Pennsylvania Cattlemen's Association selected us to receive their Environmental Stewardship award.

In 2001, the Pennsylvania Grassland and Forage Council awarded us the Conservation Farmer of the Year award.

Kate and I welcome folks to to our family farm, where we enjoy sharing information about our farming practices and our product . Farm tours are available.

We test our farming methods by asking, "What would GOD be doing if we weren't here to--Interfere?"

We offer freezer beef in any quantity. We do not ship, currently!

Lil' Ponderosa Enterprises, R.C. (Bob) Boyce, 44 Ponderosa Road, Carlisle PA 17015. (717) 245-2820.


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Visitors to our Family farm enjoy guided tours of our facilities. We, freely, share information about our farming practices. After which, you may purchase 100% grass finished---from birth to harvest...Beyond Organic Beef!

Our animals walk on God's Green Earth, drink clean water, rest in shade, calve on clean pastures and finish on a species specific diet of lush......GRASS!

PLEASE consider Lil Ponderosa Beef....It's the NATURAL thing ---to do!

Schedule and Location:

Place your order on line at:

We operate out of our home. If you call ahead we will have your order packaged and ready for pickup. Please give us a little advanced notice--- That way we can: pick, weigh, price and package your order --- you will not have to wait.. We operate 6 days per week . We will accommodate--- folks traveling long distance through the Carlisle area ---on Sundays---by appointment ONLY! $100.00 minimum order.

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First, yes Bob & Kate Boyce are wonderful, kind, friendly people. Going there is a real pleasure, they treat you like old friends! Second, the meat is AMAZING!!!! We have been buying all our beef from them for about a year now, and it is completely different from what you buy at a grocery store! My kids (2 teenage boys) won't touch 'grocery store meat' as they call it now! It is incredibly lean, the ground beef barely leaves grease in the pan, the FLAVOR is incredible, I felt like I had never tasted beef before! We like the flank steaks and sirloins, and of course ground beef.... [more]

Finally, a place where you can buy beef without fear of ingesting chemicals, hormones or diseased flesh. This farm is well organized and clean in all respects.... [more]

Bob and Kate Boyce are the nicest people that you ever want to meet. It is obvious from the moment that you drive down their driveway that their farm is a labor of love.... [more]

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