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The stars of the show are our grass-fed Icelandic sheep, who give us beautiful wool for hand-spinning, lovely milk for cheese (coming next summer), and wonderful lambs. We also have a small herd of cows, who love to eat some of the grasses the sheep leave behind.

Our pasture prep and clean-up crew - chickens and ducks - help keep the pastures clean and healthy for the sheep and cows and produce terrific eggs. We have a few Gloucester Old Spot pigs, too, to start the composting of the deep bedding in our barns, help dig our gardens, help us consume the extra milk from our personal milk cow, and who will eventually enjoy the whey from our cheese.

Everyone's strengths are coming to the fore, to create a thriving ecosystem on the beautiful Coquille River.

Call Marilyn Pratt at the contact number provided for more information.

Listing last updated on Jul 26, 2014

We have Gloucester Old Spot pork available - you purchase a half or whole hog and work with the butcher on how you want the cuts made ready for you. And it's time to start making reservations for you Icelandic lamb this fall!

Schedule and Location:

Call to reserve or purchase pasture-raised lamb or pork.

Come by the farm for duck or chicken eggs, or to look at the fleeces we have for sale.

We will update and expand our listing as time passes.

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Hi Marilyn & Isai, Thank you for taking time to reply to my e mail and phone call. I'm looking forward to meeting you and all of the critters !

Don't forget to take some time out to go fishing in the beautifull Coquille River.... [more]

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