Homestead Harvest

We're a small Homestead project in Sullivan, IL with a limited quantity of goods for sale. When we originally started our homestead we didn't have the intention of selling any produce. However, as our homestead grew we realized we had produced more than we could use and wanted to share the fruits of our labor with others.

We currently produce brown eggs, honey, honey related products, meat rabbits (Californian/New Zealand crosses) and seasonal produce. As our homestead grows our selection and quantity will expand. Everything we sell is grown and raised by us. Our hens are allowed to free range and our meat rabbits are raised on grass, pellets and hay. Our bees are raised without medication and have access to an abundance of wildflowers, woodland and pasture. Our produce is grown without pesticides or harsh chemical fertilizers (we prefer composted rabbit manure!)

Due to our limited quantities when we have a surplus we will post on the website what we have available. However you are always free to call to check the availability of goods. We will also take orders for meat rabbits in advance of their availability. Thank you for choosing to grow with us!


Listing last updated on Jul 1, 2013

About The Scroggins Family

When we got married in 2007 we both had this idea of trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. From this idea our homestead grew and we are slowly working toward owning a small farm. We are both veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan and moved to the Sullivan area when my husband, Bryan, became an active duty member of the Illinois Army National Guard. Sullivan is the ideal place to grow, sell and purchase locally grown livestock and produce.

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I am a HUGE honey lover! Go through 16 oz in week easy. Anywhere I can replace sugar with honey, I do: in my coffee, when I eat oatmeal, etc. I always believed honey is honey because when I buy it at the store it doesn't matter what brand I get, how much it costs, what store I bought from.... [more]

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