The Maker's Meadow-Traditional food in traditional ways, fresh from the land.

We raise 100% grassfed beef for our family and to sell to others who want this healthy, wonderful tasting meat. Several years ago we started raising it for our family. After experiencing the wonderful health benefits and enjoying the wonderful, rich tasting meat, we decided to start growing enough for others too.

Our cows enjoy grazing in our meadow of varied greens, grasses and alfalfa throughout the growing season. In the winter they eat hay that we made while the sun was shining and the grass and alfalfa was growing. We do not feed them any grain. In the rare times they experience health problems we treat them with the same natural, herbal remedies that we use for our family. Some time after the first of June we should have beef by the 1/2 or 1/4. We charge $4.25 a pound hanging weight. The Butcher Block charges $.60 a pound if you get freezer paper wrap or $.68 a pound for shrink wrap. There is also a $12.50 kill fee per quarter. If you are interested please call don't e mail. Phone 937 839 5741.

We have chicken raised on the pasture and fed our own home ground feed. We plant all non-GMO seed for our poultry feed.

Our lamb is grass fed no grain. We have lamb chops, ground lamb and plenty of lamb roasts available for pick up now. We are taking orders for whole or 1/2 lamb for your freezer.

Our freezers are filled with grassfed, no grain beef. We have steaks, a few roasts, ground beef, ground round, beef fat and bones. You can buy just what you want.

We have turkey sausage, ground turkey and ground chicken also.

We also have duck $6 a pound. They are so good roasted. Please note that we do not have a reliable internet source. Please call for best service. 937 839 5741.

The girls make bread each week. We use traditional long soak methods that allow the enzymes in the wheat to do their job, breaking down the protiens, gluten and phytic acids. Bread is $3.50 a loaf. We also have pizza bread $4 each. Call 937 839 5741 to order.


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THE MAKER'S MEADOW Traditional food in traditional ways, fresh from the land. naturally raised in the healthiest ways

Schedule and Location:

Year around at the farm 3513 N. Preble County Line Rd West Alexandria, OH 45381
Call before coming 937 839-5741

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We get our beef, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck from Maker's Meadow. We really appreciate the quality and care they put into the food they produce! They are also yummy baked goods and soaps with nice smells. Highly Recommend-

Our family enjoyed the beef and chicken that we bought from The Maker's Meadow. If you are looking for good, local, meat, and friendly service, try The Maker's Meadow!

We are so pleased with every product we have received from this wonderful family. The pork is like nothing we've ever had before, so tender and flavorful.... [more]

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