Mamushi Nature Farm uses, and promotes, and teach farmers, globally, how use (that is how to apply to growing soils) or (how to add minerals to animal feeding rations)in order to greatly increase productivity of soils or animal rations. Japanese farmers call the mineral that we uses successfully, "Basic Minerals 77 Gold Yellow." I simply call the mineral "God's gift to the world of the Family Farmer." I promote this mineral, globally, to help my friend Stan, who owns the mines where the mineral is taken from. Stan has spent his lifetime (he is now in his eighties) and has done a world of good with his mineral mines.

Mamushi Nature Farm is a "Japanese Nature Farm." Experts, from Japan, came to our farm to inspect it, to be sure farming methodologies were consistent with the USDA Organic Standard and with the Japanese Nature Farm Standard. The Nature Farm Standard is a Spiritual and Physical standard that goes beyond the requirements of the USDA Certified Organic standard.

Our farm, being located in a spiritually orientated geographical niche, helps us to meet Japanese Nature farming standards We welcome input from faith groups of all kind.

1. As a family we have always used farming methods that are in agreement with "organic standards" and other,quality, organic farming methods. OCIA International, Inc. organically certified our farm in order to verify our compliance with USDA standards, at the beginning of our Japanese Nature farming adventure. We organically certified our farm, initially, in order to verify (that is, in order to prove) that our operation could meet the USDA Organic Certified standard. From that time forward, we have upheld the Japanese Nature farming standard, which is as good as any other organic standard. Our approach to raising plants and animals (animals can be raised organically, also) is a spiritual method that we learned from working with Japanese Nature Farmers for a 3.5 year period. Nature farming is physical and spiritual, but mostly spiritual. Nature farming methods "supersede" any certified organic standards set by USDA, absolutely, because we have placed emphasis on the "natural" and on the "healing" aspects of "growing foods." Nature farmed foods heals one's body, absolutely, (the Japanese have scientifically proven the healing qualities of foods that are Nature farmed). We have seen it happen time and time again, while we were living in Gotemba, Japan for more than three years. So, we, using proven and ethical methods, provide Nature farmed foods to people, as best as we can, the same way that Japanese Nature farmers do within Japan. (We also learned to use a healing method called "Johrei," while living in Japan, methods, that people come here, to our farm, to learn). Literally stated, Johrei is the "Healing Art of Japan." Johrei is easy to learn, to teach and to practice. We sell foods directly to the public and we do give farm tours. (our farm tours provide educational experiences, in and of themselves, and give people a chance to breathe air and drink water from the pure limestone well sources that exist here in this sacred valley).

Organic purple top turnips and greens are (nearly) always available. We also grow collard greens, mustard green, beet greens, water-crest, and French dandelion greens (which have to be specially ordered, they are hard to keep on hand, they go away fast). Other foods are available most of the time. Meats are also available by the piece (USDA inspected meats).(We take the animals to the food processing plants for you, or you can purchase from us by the pound, one single piece of meat or as many pounds as you want). Contact our farm for information on purchasing organic, grass fed meat and eggs.

2. Those of you who want naturally raised, organic teas, may purchase your teas from us from the living plants. We have wild blackberry leaves and berries for the making of quality tea. We also have wild grape leaves for preparing dishes that require grape leaves. Of course, all products are organic.

3. "Holistic Nutrition as an approach to Quality of Life and increased Longevity," is the bed-rock upon which our mission rests. We pride ourselves in being able to teach others how to do what we do in the production of quality foods.

We plan to offer a program, here at Mamushi Nature Farm, that will help customers and non-customers alike, who support us in our mission. Our "Just Crumbs" Non-Profit, hunger relief program is designed to help people "increase their quality of life." In addition to our hunger relief efforts, we are planning nature trails within the scenic valley, at the base of the Winstead-Breasy Hill Range. All are invited to join us in our mission to help ourselves while making serious efforts to help feed those who are in serious need of food and help with their health. You can help us by donating 99 cents a gallon for naturally, mineralized, well water that come from our 300 feet deep, limestone water well. The water has pasted government testing procedures to be free from bacteria and dangerous chemicals. You can drink the water yourself, give it to your pets or use it for your plants, as a pure source of natural water. Thank you.

4. NEW PROJECT BEING PLANNED FOR THE 2010 GROWING SEASON We want to help disabled individuals in their effort to participate in urban farming. Only highly motivated people need apply. Community support for our program is needed. Donations essential for the success of this Farm School Program. 5. Community Meals Program. This program gives people who want to sample our foods a chance to eat them at the farm. This is a new program, so email us or call us to get the time and date for a meal event. The experience of eating the food grown on the farm, at the farm, is suppose to be a "healing experience" in the sense that, we here at Mamushi believe and practice the principle that "Good Food, is Good Medicine." In the sense that "medicine," in the grandest sense of the word, is a spiritual concept that just means "to heal."

6. Disability accessible, disability friendly farm. How would you like to help us with our mission (and our vision) to make Mamushi Nature Farm a model Disability accessible farm were disabled women and men (and children) can come to learn, work and play? Your help is appreciated and needed. We have applied for a grant that will assist us in our disability program efforts but donations beyond the grant will be necessary for continued success in our effort.

Listing last updated on Mar 12, 2017

They also come to the farm to eat at the community meal table, (Please note, eating and drinking on the farm occurs at certain locations and at certain times as a part of Mamushi Farms' effort to promote spirituality through food and drink. We are not a restaurant with a license to serve people food. We simply use our community meals program as a means to have spiritual experiences over tea and foods.), to find strength and healing.

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exotics salts such as Himalayan Pink Salt, Feur de Sel (Flower of Salt) French Sea Salt, and other salts from around the globe. WE SELL SALTS BY THE OUNCE.
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