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Praise for Phil and Biophilia
By:    (Apr 21, 2015)

I embrace the goals and accomplishments that Phil outlined in the latest New York Organic News article about Phil and Biophilia. Ira Haspel from KK's the Farm.

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Plentiful Variety & Delightful People
By:    (Nov 27, 2014)

As a Worker-Share June through October, being on the farm were some of my favorite hours learning, farming, & loving the space, weather, & priceless energetic knowledge shared by Farmers Abra & Phil. Every week I went home with an overflowing bag of the freshest fruits & vegetables. So much so week after week, I was delighted to share with friends. Phil is beyond experienced & happy to answer questions & is a chill, trusting teacher. He laughed a little at a first important question: will I get garlic? After trying 9 varieties, I understand his ha. Be sure to attend the 'Tomato and Garlic Festival' in August to sample 40 types of tomatoes and vote for your favorite. It's free, and OH the flavors! As soon as I stepped foot on the farm for a tour, I knew I was in the right place. A happiness washed over me & was always with me when I was there. Learning new recipes, trying new vegetables, & canning for the first time ever- These people are following their bliss, and it tastes Beautiful!

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The highlight of our week!
By: Christy Hawkins    (Apr 15, 2014)

I am so glad that it is almost time to start seeing Phil and his wonderful team weekly for our organic produce! Gathering our weekly surprises has encouraged us to be more creative in the kitchen and even as a vegeterian for 20 years, I am happy to be discovering new recipes as a result of our weekly "goods." With just half a share, it is more than enough for my husband and I. I usually have a few things to pass along to neighbors too. I know I feel better eating the veggies from Biophilia but I was pleasantly surprised for proof of just how important eating my greens and the veggies are. After our first Biophilia season, at my annual check up my doctor looked at my bloodwork results and said "obviously you take your multi-vitamins." And the coolest part is that I actually do not, I beleive in getting our nutrients from our food. For the last three years as a Biophilia member, each Fall I get the same excellent levels of vitamins. Much gratitidue and love to Phil, Clare & Pudge!

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First Experience
By: BOB SEYFARTH    (Apr 10, 2014)

Last year was our first experience with a CSA and we decided to work a couple of hours a week at Biophilia for a half share. We enjoyed the farm and Phil so much we found ourselves there longer than we needed to be. Our share provided us with many greens that we never tried before as well as nine different types of garlic. We also tried dozens of different types of tomatoes as well as okra, peppers, potatoes and other weekly surprises. All of this was absolutely delicious. Our half share was so abundant that we were often able to share it with family and neighbors. We enjoyed working on the farm with Phil and other members of the CSA so much we are doing it again this year (and have already been out there a few times before the season starts)!

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Looking forward to another great season
By: Darlene Roces    (Apr 8, 2014)

Phil does a great job providing fresh produce as well as community spirit. I look forward to picking up our 1/2 share every Thursday which is always a decent quantity and exceptionally fresh. There is usually an interesting veggie or two that is sure to spark interesting conversation and a recipe exchange. We are now addicted to okra! Phil also allows a swapping table that allows one to customize their share.

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Port Jefferson Farmers Market
By: Craig Hartog    (Apr 8, 2014)

I am looking forward to picking up the weekly "Goodies" provided by Phil from Biophilia Organic Farm at the Port Jeff Farmers Market. I needed a convenient pick up site and Biophilia was highly recommended by other organic CSA's. I have been very satified with our produce and service. Phil and family are a pleasure and the vegetables have been abundant and the variety is great. Phil is full of knowledge and always sharing interesting information on this weeks harvest. On the occasion I picked up at the farm, I was invited to jump in the golf cart and got the grand tour! I highly recommend Biophilla and look forward to the buckets of goodies all throughout the year.

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By:    (Apr 8, 2014)

This will be my third year with Biophilia. I am a full share worker, working at least 4 hours once a week for 20 weeks. The produce that we raise on the farm is excellent. In the Spring, we harvest mostly greens, and as the seasons progress, more and more vegetables enter our boxes. Everything is delicious and raised according to strict organic standards. This past year, we had enough tomatoes to make sauce. My wife and I had the last of the sweet potatoes on April 2, and they were sweet and delicious. I am very pleased with the quality of the produce and its abundance. As an added bonus, the flowers that we get each week are great.

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The Best!!! Unbelievable experience!!!
By:    (Apr 8, 2014)

I can't say enough good things about this farm and it's farmer Phil. I have been part of this CSA for years now, and each year is better than the last. The enormous quantity and variety of tomatoes at the end of the season is overwhelming. The potato variety is gorgeous in color, and all of the vegetables are picked the same day you get them, filling your car with the most amazing smell impossible to reproduce even from the supermarkets organic section or even from a regular farmstand I have not experienced this. Anything you don't like can be traded for something you do like. Farmer Phil is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and anyone associated with him is special as well. He runs a great young farmers program that he doesn't make a dime off of, just to teach the next generation. They plant, weed, and harvest their own plots.He also has potluck lunch days, and tastings (the tomatoe and garlic one is priceless. The variety of both are unreal) for members. Best farm and CSA!

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