Small Little Farm (SLF) is located in rolling Fauquier County just south of Warrenton, offering custom grown gourmet quality vegetables for chefs; high quality White Dorper breedstock sheep; a selection of heritage poultry babies with no minimum order, and seasonal chicken and duck egg subscriptions.

Small Little Farm specializes in growing smaller quantities of seasonal, tasty, non-commercial vegetable varieties especially for Farmer to Table menu items, and will also custom-grow specifically requested varieties or hard to find kinds (such as baby corn, green shell flageolets, mache. etc.) upon request. Chefs may request a specific vegetable be grown for them (with no obligation to buy a certain quantity!) or sign up for weekly notification of what is available from the weekly harvest. All vegetables are non-GMO. Vegetables are not organic certified, but are grown without using herbicides, and using only organic-approved pesticides if needed. SLF adheres to FSMA requirements for growing, harvesting, packing, and delivery. Harvest surpluses are offered to the general public for sale.

The farm also raises quality, purebred, registered White Dorper breedstock, specializing in terminal sires for the area's Katahdin flocks; commercial ewe lambs and locker lambs are also available.

Additionally the farm offers heritage turkey, goose and duck poultry babies every spring from its own breeding stock, especially catering to those who want just a few chicks. There is no minimum orders. Current offerings are Bourbon Red, Standard Bronze, and Royal Palm poults; American Buff and White Sebastopol goslings; and Welsh Harelequin ducklings. Adults are occasionally available toward the end of the year. Chicks are hatched on a pre-ordered, pre-paid basis, with orders accepted starting January first each year.

Small Little Farm also offers weekly subscriptions for one dozen chicken or duck eggs; chicken eggs are available from February 1st through September 30th, and duck eggs are available March 1st through July 30th.

Listing last updated on Aug 16, 2020

Small Little Farm offers custom-grown, seasonal vegetables for local chefs with surplus offered to the general public, heritage day old chicks for turkey, goose, and duck; quality breedstock White Dorper sheep; and weekly egg subscriptions for chicken and duck eggs.

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