Randall cattle

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The Randall or Randall Lineback cow is a purebred remnant of lineback-patterned cattle once common in New England. It was traditionally a multipurpose breed used for both dairy and beef but whose size, docility and willingness also made it a capable draft animal. Despite its origins as a popular breed, it almost entirely disappeared from crossbreeding with Holsteins.

With the efforts of a few conservationists the breed is now coming back from the brink of extinction. Randall beef has an incredibly sweet fragrance and is both tender and flavorful.

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WitnessTree Land & Livestock

  Gerald, MO

We are a small family farm focusing on rare and heritage breeds of livestock and poultry and heirloom seeds. We also utilize some animal-powered farming methods, and are proponents of farming "the old way". We grow most of what we eat and strive to be more sustainable as we go along. (more...)

Terravita Farms

  Newark, OH    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Terravita Farms is a family-owned farm featuring naturally raised fruits, vegetables, eggs (chicken and duck), honey and naturally colored yarns. We also produce a variety of meats including: chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and lamb. Terravita Farms has a strong focus on heritage livestock breeds and heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. (more...)

Rising Phoenix Farm

  Morning View, KY

Rising Phoenix Farm is a family run farm and have dedicated ourselves to raising heritage breeds, some of which are rare and critcially endangered. We currently are raising Randall Cattle, Hog Island Sheep, Ossabaw Island Hogs, French Marans chickens, American Bresse Chickens, Royal Palm and Chocolate turkeys. (more...)

Newhall Farm

  Reading, VT

Newhall Farm is committed to excellence and produces only the highest quality, natural products while using skilled animal husbandry and fostering responsible stewardship of the land. No growth hormones or fed antibiotics are ever used, and only organic sprays are used in our orchards. (more...)

JPR Acres, LLC

  Montrose, MN    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Artisan Food...Thoughtfully Raised. Using a rotational grazing system, we are emphasizing an environmental-friendly approach to nurture our soil and livestock health. It complements our intent to produce food that is nutrient rich with a taste our customers crave. (more...)

Briar Patch Farm

  Lexington, VA

Briar Patch Farm is a small, family owned farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We raise registered Jersey Cattle and have a well established cow share program. In addition, we produce goat milk soap from our mixed dairy goat herd. We have fresh produce in season and farm fresh eggs year round!(more...)