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We had a banner year for goose eggs. However, the geese have stopped laying. If you wish to receive a notification when the girls start laying again and get on our mailing list please send us an e-mail. Last year we added 9 new Toulouse layers. Our Goose eggs were available locally again this year at Green Star Market in Ithaca, NY and at our farm in Groton. Weeder geese should arrive next week on or about June 9. These will be mixed breeds suitable for the table at Christmas time. Send an e-mail if you are interested in securing a Goose or heritage mixed breed turkey in the Fall. All of our birds are processed using a local, inspected, poultry processor. The ducks have reproduced well this year too and we will have plenty of muscovie duck for your fall table too. All poultry can be delivered fresh if you have placed a pre-order.

We've just begun a new local service, Rent-A-Hen! When I began keeping chickens in the village I had no alternative but to purchase 6 birds. When winter came the problems came. It is very hard to keep 6 chickens in a village or city yard during the summer, winter makes it much harder. I would like to give my neighbors the opportunity to try out a few chickens, turkeys, or ducks in their own backyard. We have a few young layers, a few young turkeys, and a few young ducks, who are available to borrow. Call the farm for more information on this service. We do not loan goats at this time but we do make appearances at birthday parties. If you would like to rent a turkey for your yard for Thanksgiving that might be a little tricky but I might be able to pull it off.

It's almost too late to tell us what to plant. If you contact us this week we may be able to accommodate your specialty produce desires. Purchase a full membership for $500, or a half for $300, and tell us what you want to eat.

We have frozen lamb and goat butchered locally by a USDA facility on 1/16/2014. Order early if you want to purchase a half or a whole. You can save on processing costs if you make arrangements to pick up your meat at a custom slaughter house.

The basil was plentiful last year we are hoping for help to make pesto before the frost kills it all off this year. Or, buy a big bag of basil leaves, pick it yourself and it's much much less expensive. Green beans went nutz last year but we needed a hand processing them. Contact us if you would like us to consider you for a work share.

Please see our CSA information at this time we are asking $500 for a share. This includes a 1/2 of a goat, eggs of various kinds as they are available, a turkey or a goose, a duck, and veggies while they are in season. In 2013 we didn't have a good year for turkeys we had some predator issues. However, we won a fencing grant and installed a 48" high woven wire perimeter fence. We are hoping for a more successful year in 2014.

If you wish to pre-order a Christmas Goose for this year or a Thanksgiving Turkey please call or e-mail. I will need to order or hatch one for you soon. We are accepting preorders for 2014. You order it and we'll grow it. It takes almost a year to get a bird to full size. Thank you to everyone who ordered in 2013. A farm cannot be sustainable without customers.

The Blue Spoon Farm is a small family farm in central New York. Utilizing 16 acres of flat open pasture land. Like many farms, this one was once 150 acres raising dairy cattle and later beef cattle. We have an English style drive through barn built in the 1890's. We are working to build a diverse and sustainable farm using permaculture principles and holistic management practices. Established in 2009, the Blue Spoon Farm is young. Each year we try out new ideas and document what works and what does not. We offer shares in our farm products. Each share will get 1/2 a goat, a turkey, a duck, and eggs as they are available. CSA members are also allowed to come star gazing or bird watching on the property by appointment. With our perimeter fence we will also have a great place to take your dog for a run, by appointment only.

At the Blue Spoon Farm we do not use chemical pesticides or fungicides on our vegetables or in our animal feeds. We buy our feeds locally from local farmers. All of our animals are treated humanely and are all allowed access to pasture when it is available and green. We practice rotational grazing with our goats in an effort to provide the animals with the cleanest pasture. We strive for all of our hay to be produced on the farm, organically.

Delivery is available to the Ithaca Commons area, the Ithaca Mall and Downtown Cortland - in small quantities - for no extra cost.

I can ship eggs and meat. If you are a customer who wishes to have items shipped please check prices with your local FedEx carrier as I will ask you to pay for the delivery directly to FedEx by phone before shipping. This will an extra fee on top of the price for the item.

Order your table ready chevon (goat meat). I am selling preordered goat at $3.00 a pound this year. That price does not include delivery or processing fees. CSA Members should request special veggy garden additions by February for the following spring.

Often for religions reasons or to cut down on costs or create a special cut people wish to butcher thier own meat. We have secured a partnership with a neighbor for anyone wishing to use this service. Please contact the farm (607) 898-9050 to make arrangements before ordering.

Available Today Goose Eggs Chicken Eggs

FROZEN Chevon (Goat) FROZEN Muscovy duck FROZEN Heritage mixed breed turkey. FROZEN Lamb

Room for Rent - On Farm Stay For on farm living and a true farm share experience, contact us for more information (607) 898-9050. Pets and livestock are welcome but must be negotiated. Typically renting for $500 a month, the rent is negotiable for vacationers headed to the Finger Lakes region and for farm partners. Farm tours are available if you are passing through the neighborhood but, please call ahead and make a reservation.

ABGA registered Boer goat bucklings and wethers for sale: Please contact the farm as soon as possible if you are interested in a buckling and express your interest. Full payment can be made on the Local Harvest website but arrangments for transporation must be made in advance of the sale. A small deposit will be requested to hold a buck for the next breeding season or for a disbudded buckling (no longer available for the 2014 season). Disbudding is done soon after birth and only upon request. If you are crossing state lines with a goat a vet health certificate is necessary and can be provided upon request.

Heritage mixed breed turkeys are available for breeding stock or backyard flock raisers looking for a unique bird that is a little older than those sold by the hatcheries we will have young fully feathered birds early in the summer. Due to regulations birds cannot cross state lines and must remain in New York State.


Listing last updated on Jun 3, 2014

Young birds for sale: Turkey Poults, Chicks, and Muscovy Ducklings. At about 12 weeks old, we will sell ducklings for $15 each. Price increases as the animals age. Considering a pet chicken but don't really want to keep it through the winter? Just want to try out chicken, duck, or turkey keeping? Call us 607-898-9050 to Rent -a-Hen. We will offer advice on housing, feeding, and keeping your girls safe.

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  4

Full Share:  $500 year - bi-weekly deposits accepted.

1/2 Share:  $300

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

On farm pick up weekends or by appointment. Weekdays downtown Cortland, NY.

Schedule and Location:

U-pick on the farm is available in season. Please call ahead for availability.

Schedule and Location:

Please call ahead for availability, 607-898-9050 or 607-280-1075.

Goats, ducks, geese, and turkey will be raised for bulk sales but must be preordered to avoid sales conflicts.

We have about 20 young Muscovy ducks available.

5 young Boer Goats can be raised to order.

All require a contract and/ or a deposit to hold.

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