Red Angus Beef Grown Organically since 1995. Orders taken each August for October/November processing of Grassfed calves; Mark your calendars as they go fast! All natural Certified Red Angus beef, grown on 70 acres of grass. Never any growth hormones, implants, chemicals, or antibiotics used on the calves or cows, AND NO chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used ON THE PASTURES. Never any grain. Only one year old calves are sold, so they are always tender, fat and healthy, to promote YOUR good health. Customers can choose their own calf from the herd and are welcome to visit the ranch. Halves or whole are available. Only Available in fall because we always use THIS YEAR'S calf crop. PRICE IS $800 for a half; $1,600 for a whole of a LIVE CALF. Delivery to the processor is included in this price. The calves are sold in August, when I take deposits to hold your grassfed calf for end of October processing. Payments are made at your convenience and must be paid in full by Oct 1st.Customer pays the processor for their custom cut and wrap order when they pick up their beef in south Zephyrhills (approx $90-100). Call to reserve yours, as I only raise 10 calves each year.

Know where your beef comes from and what it eats. This entire ranch has been cared for under the organic standards and all beef, chickens, fruits and vegetables are raised naturally. Beef customers also are given first option to receive free a limited supply of organically grown (not certified) peaches, nectarines, apples, pears, blueberries, and surplus vegetables grown for our own family use. Sorry, but due to limited supply, only beef customers may pick fruit and vegetable. CALL NOW TO RESERVE YOUR BEEF. TOURS WELCOME.

(Please note: You are purchasing a live animal and the weights of calves can vary, so there are no guarantees on weights; picking your own calf is recommended.)

Listing last updated on Aug 20, 2015

ORDER NOW FOR OCTOBER PROCESSING, THEN NONE AGAIN UNTIL NEXT YEAR! GRASS FED AND ALL NATURAL Certified Red Angus Beef is THE BEST way to promote YOUR good health. Choice young Angus raised on sunshine and grass, the way Mother Nature intended. Lean Beef, higher in Omega fats and Lower in Cholesterol! No additives, fillers, pink slime or meat glue here, just great Angus Beef finished on grass. KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM. ORDER NOW! Professionally tanned hides available, too.

Schedule and Location:

Order in August to receive your processed meat in October. Call the ranch to get on the customer mailing list for order forms in August. You may call/email after August to find out if any still remain for sale.

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A friend and I purchased 1/2 of a side of beef from Marie Peters last spring.

We were both pleased with the ease of ordering through Marie, having all of our questions answered as well as being informed about the entire process from calf to slaughter.... [more]

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