We only allow visitors with appointments.

We hope that in the future, during the harvest season, you could visit us and be able to pick fruits and vegetables or you can just visit us any time during the year to enjoy the presence of our farm animals. Some time you would have the opportunity to bottle-feeding a lamb or a baby goat. We love all animals so normally we raise chickens, guinea hens, ducks, geese, pigs, rabbits, sheep, goats, and Great Pyrenees as Livestock Guardian dogs.

We never used chemical fertilizer and pesticides in our land, directly or indirectly. We practice natural pest control. Our animals are raised in a natural way, free cage, without the use of grow promoters, hormones, and/or antibiotics. The taste of our pigs, and chicken eggs are superior, and delicious.

Love freshly squeezed juice? Our citrus fruits are specially grown for their high juice content. You can enjoy it whenever you are. We have mostly juice oranges (over 300 Hamlin��?s Orange Trees), but we also have some grapefruits, and other citrus varieties. In our farm you can enjoy the pleasure of coming with your family and/or friends, and picking your own fresh fruits. Every time you are buying straight from a farmer you save money, it's healthier, and you are supporting your small farmers.

We are planing to have a U-Pick program for you to pick yourself the oranges, and other fruits.

The food our animals (sheep, goats, poultry, pigs) consumes does not contain any blood, bone or meat by products. Our animals feed is supplemented with hay and the surplus of fruits and veggies that we produce. Basically our animals are vegetarians and our production is organic. Our chickens are certified Pollorum-Typhoid Free. In other words, when you taste what we produce, you know what you are eating but when you are buying meat from a supermarket you don't know how, and where that animal was raised.

We are sure you will like the taste of our fresh fertile eggs too. Eggs from free-range (cage free) hens, free of antibiotics and hormones. We would supply you with all the eggs you need directly from the hen.

Fresh from our farm to your table. Reserve your supply now.

From time to time we have Great Pyrenees puppies for sale. Our LGD keep our livestock safe from 2 and four legged predators. Our dogs will bond to you, your family, and will protect your property and livestock so if you are looking for a pet or a guardian dog come to see our dogs. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

Now we are located out of CR-204 in Flagler Estate, Hastings, Florida. We are located 11 miles from East Palatka; 25 miles West of Downtown St Augustine, FL; 20 miles from Palm Cost; 49 miles from Daytona Beach; and 53 miles from Orange Park.

If you need driving directions, please just send us a text message: 386-299-1648

Listing last updated on Mar 19, 2016

Fruits: Oranges, Goji Berries, grapefruits, tangerines, Kumquats, plantains, etc. Also we have a kitchen/herb garden. From time to time we have some farm animals for sale; also Great Pyrenees puppies from LGD ancestors. Contact us ahead to confirm dates and hours of operation, and availability. Dress comfortably and appropriately for the season. Bring your own containers. Weather conditions and customer demand can determine the supply of produces.

Schedule and Location:

From the animal pool that we have for sale, at our farm, you will have the opportunity to pick by yourself the animal and fruits that you want for your table. You will have the satisfaction to know where that meat come from, you will know how that animal was raised and what treatment received directly from your farmer, and you will enjoy a better taste; healthy and fresh food. Buy local, support your farmers. Open on weekends. Call for appointment and availability of products and services.
We are located in Crescent City, South-East area of Putnam County, Florida; 22 miles South of East Palatka; 45 min. South-West of St. Augustine; 45 min. North-west of Daytona Beach; 35 min. North of Deland; 45 min. South-West of Ocala.

Schedule and Location:

Open all day on weekends. We don't have a real Roadside Farm Stand. We have an U-Pick operation. If you are planning to come during week days then we recommend you to make an appointment. Please call us to be sure that we will be available and waiting your visit.

We are located in the South-East area of Putnam County, Florida; 22 miles South of East Palatka; 45 min. South-West of St. Augustine; 45 min. North-west of Daytona Beach; 35 min. North of Deland; 45 min. South-West of Ocala.

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