GoFarm is a nonprofit organization working to strengthen and transform our local food system. ?Our systems approach supports local, sustainable farmers, makes healthy food more accessible and affordable to everyone in our community, and connects people with where their food comes from. Only by working on all of these elements combined can we transform our local food system into one that is thriving, environmentally sustainable, and equitable for all.

Our Local Food Share (multi-farm CSA) offers shareholders weekly and biweekly shares of food from local, small-scale, sustainable farmers. We offer shares of vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread and mushrooms. We support over 30 local farmers and offer flexibility, variety, and convenience in our food shares!

Our farmers use farming techniques that minimize negative impact on the environment. They are committed to replicating the ecology of the natural environment by maintaining biodiversity and fostering healthy soil and growing conditions, and their practices are consistent with the principles of organic and regenerative certification.

Join GoFarm's Local Food Share program today to vote with your dollar and support your local farmers and advocate for food equity!

Listing last updated on Jan 4, 2021

Join GoFarm's Local Food Share to support many of your local farmers in the Front Range and make an impact in your community. Receive 20 weeks of fresh, sustainably-grown produce, receive recipes and cooking tips each week, and join us for GoFarm food demos and special events!

Season:  January through January

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Since:  2015

# of Shares:  8

Share Prices:  20 Wks: Large Veggie:$700($35/wk) Regular Veggie:$460($23/wk) Mini Veggie:$282($14/wk) Fruit:$165($8/wk) Egg:$130($6.50/wk) Mushroom-Large:$275($13.75/wk) Mushroom-Regular:$150($7.50/wk) Bread:$140($7/wk) BIWEEKLY Options Available

Work Req?  No

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