A 3rd generation 152acre Fruit and Vegetable farm began by their parents, now in 2013 Kevin and Cathy Klug proudly grow aprox.100 acres of USDACertified Organic "Green Organic" tasty hand grown awesome produce. Yearly 150 tons of Natural horse manure, fish emulsion and Chicken pelletized organic fertilizers are caringly applied per NOP approved guidelines for natural, sustainable soil and plant health to raise the finest produce Southwest Michigan has to offer. Brewing their 500gal Compost tea maker/sprayer is also a unique part of the farms nutrition / disease/ insect management and grows just better tasting stuff! Further family&farm info can be found at their website"KlugOrchards.com" where their CSA info will be updated seasonally. The Klug family have brought their Fresh Local produce and heirloom handpicked bounty to various Farmers Markets for years from South Bend Ind. to nearby Chicago neighborhoods, developing wonderful relationships and connecting families with local farming. Feel free to get acquainted with them and see what this wonderful farm family can offer you !

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100 acres"ICO Certified Organic" Fruits,Veg & Herbs "MAEAP" Sustainable, IPM Models. Handgrown Heirloom Varieties, Varied & abundant CSA share on farm and Chicago, S,Bend,IN Markets as well! OPEN Farm, fields to walk; workers, families to talk to; Growing Organic foods on THIS homestead site set them apart from others who have "Relationships" with "Other" farms to "procure" foods they offer as "local grown"..?.. HERE its really grown Here, HOMEgrown, Organic, Open to Simply Share and Enjoy !

Season:  June through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

# of Shares:  72

Share Prices:  $20/week @ 12 wk min./$240, or@ 20weeks/ $395 . @Mkt Pickups to receive $30 mkt produce choices by noon. 10% discount on any adtnl choices. No discounts/pickups after noon, if No show/produce donated to pantry.

Work Req?  No

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Schedule and Location:

On Farm pickup Thurs. 3:30-6:30,
S.Bend,IN Farmers Mkt. Sat 7-10am
Various Chic. mkts. contact for options
Local Delivery 10mi from Farm or Mkts @min. cost

100% Organic Blackberies,Red/Black Raspberries, Red Haven Peaches, Cantalopes, Melons,Heirloom Tomatoes,Tender Green Beans, Broccoli, Sugar Snap Peas,Radishes,Lettuce,Peppers, BokChoy, Jap.Eggplant various Flowers,Herbs, and Potatoes as seasonal excess arise. We sell from 1/2 bushels to bulk bins to mixed truck palette loads.

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I went to the farmer's market at Daley plaza and got to know about the Klug Orchards farm there~ It was such a pleasant surprise that I found all of the fruits that I love they were selling Organic choices as well! They had the best tasting Blueberries, Raspberries, Tomato, Melons, Donut peaches, apples, plums, beans, eggplant, etc~~ Every time I had a bite of their fruits/ veggies, they were the best tasting ones I have ever tried!! The tomatoes were so red and fresh! The Melons were so sweet and fruity! The raspberries I bought from them were the best tasting I had ever had! My friend who tagged along with me never liked raspberries until she tried those, she was so surprised to discover that "Real fresh organic raspberries were not sour at all!" They were actually very sweet and fruity! I was so happy with all my purchases at the Klug Orchards every time I went to the farmer's market that I got completely hooked last year.... [more]

Reply requested: cats.mice@att.net Subject: Thank you (October 2, 2011) Hi, it looks like my 12 weeks is up and my CSA is over for 2011. I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the produce I received and the friendly people I met at the farmers market at Federal Plaza.

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