Davis Square, Somerville Farmers Market

Somerville, Massachusetts
Farmers Market

Davis Square, Somerville Farmers Market

Open from Memorial Day through Thanksgiving the Davis Sq. Farmers Market brings fresh local veggies and fruit as well as fresh local baked goods, a variety of farmstead cheese, beef and lamb, beautiful flower arrangements, fresh and dried, holiday wreaths, honey and maple products, every Wednesday. This is a farmers' market with soul...you'll find performers and cooking demonstrations aswell as a social and friendly atmosphere.

Listing last updated on Oct 31, 2007

The Davis sq. market is open until the day before thanksgiving....so plan your menu with all local food and pick up your holiday wreath just in time.

Once Daylight Savings is over the market will close at 5:00.

Schedule and Location:

Wednesdays from noon to 6PM. Corner of Day and Herbert Streets, behind Red Bones.
(closes at 5 when daylight savings is over)

Latest Reviews

Fresh strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes in June.

I love how I can get all I need for a great dinner at the Davis Sq. market. There's greens, beef, cheese, and bread. It's also close to Dave's fresh pasta, which is just icing on the cake.

A really fantastic community of farmers, vendors, and people looking for the freshest and most sustainable food out there. The Davis Square market gives me hope that local farmers can offer us new ways to shop, eat, and live.

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