The Eaton Farm

The Eaton Farm is a diversified family farm dedicated to preserving its farming heritage. The 50 acre farm near Madison, Indiana has been in Jerry Eaton's family for three generations. In addition to the main farm where most of the produce and stock are raised, the Eatons rent about 60 acres of hay ground for winter feeding. Today the farm family consists of Jerry and his wife Elizabeth, their sons Silas and Ira, and Jerry's parents, Jim and Sudie Eaton. While many small farms have faced severe challenges over the past century, the Eatons feel that providing communities with fresh and local food is one way to keep farming viable. 2013 will be their 7th year participating in farmer's markets, and the 6th season for their Produce CSA. The Eatons raise a wide selection of naturally-grown produce, with an emphasis on heirlooms and unique varieties. They also produce high quality pastured meat and eggs from animals raised on their farm. In addition to what is offered at market and through their Meat CSA, meat and eggs are also available through the farm buying club, The Good Eaton Club.


Listing last updated on Nov 23, 2013

IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO ORDER A PASTURED GMO-FREE THANKSGIVING TURKEY! Go to to signup. $4.75/lb. Pickups in Hyde Park and Aurora. There is also an add-on produce option for your holiday dinner. For $30, we are offering a cornucopia of our Fall produce, which includes 5# of sweet potatoes, 5# potatoes, 2 pie pumpkins, 2 bags of spicy salad mix (arugula, tatsoi, and mizuna), and 2 bunches of radishes.

Season:  May through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2008

# of Shares:  50

Full Share:  $850/20 weeks summer produce share (SUPER SHARE); $650/20 week summer produce share (MEDIUM SHARE)

1/2 Share:  $350/20 week summer produce share (SMALL SHARE)

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

~Hyde Park Farmer's Market (May-November)
US Bank Parking Lot
Cincinnati, OH
Sundays 9:30am to 1:30pm

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Their eggs are top notch! So fresh! I am excited to begin my first CSA share with them this year.

I bought a full share in 2009 and was very satisfied with supporting The Eaton Farm. Within their constraints, they were accommodating where they didn't technically need to be, and strove to produce the best quality.... [more]

We bought regularly from the Eaton Farm at the Hyde Park Farmer's market and the quality if fantastic and they are genuinely really, really wonderful people.... [more]

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