Many Hands Organic Farm is a Certified Organic, extremely low-till, diversified family farm in central Massachusetts. We raise nutrient dense, carbon-sequestering food with excellent quality and taste!

On our farm we trade labor for produce with working shareholders, have a handful of full-time staff, regularly host volunteers from the Stetson School in Barre, and host volunteer groups for mornings on the farm. Many Hands is our practice and belief; that farming, community, and enjoyment all go together.

Since the early 1980s we have made a priority of farming organically using an integrated growing system that includes livestock, vegetable and fruit crops. We focus on maximum fertility through soil carbon-sequestering techniques including cocktail cover cropping, heavy mulches, soil mineralization, and foliar applications of minerals and biologicals. More information about our farm products including pork, eggs, chicken, turkey, lard, the CSA, soaps, salves and tinctures is available on our website at

Listing last updated on Dec 31, 2020

We operate a summer vegetable farm share from June - October and a fall share for 5 weeks during October - November. We raise Certified Organic pork, meat chickens, and turkeys. We sell lard, eggs, layers and chicken feet for making soup, and other products produced on farm, such as stocks, soap, comfrey and hemp salve.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

Since:  1992

# of Shares:  150

Share Prices:  Summer vegetable share options (May 24 - October 22): Large: $700, Medium: $475, Small: $350. Fall vegetable shares (October 25 - November 22): one size, $150.

Work Req?  No

We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and are happy to grow what you need. Contact us to see what we have in excess or suggest what you might want delivered in the coming months. We also produce many dozen organic free range eggs, and would be happy to explore wholesale options for eggs (particularly during the winter and spring).

Certified Organic Meat
Our pigs, chickens, and turkeys are certified organic. These animals are fed certified organic grain and make use of as much certified organic range as is possible, for their health and for maximum farm fertility.

Considerations when ordering meat: We have only modest freezer storage capabilities here. Please take this into account when placing your order. When possible pick up your meat on the date of slaughter/delivery or one day after.

Meat Chickens- We raise Freedom Rangers that perform well on fresh grass. The parents of our day-old chicks were raised on non-GMO grain. They live in portable outdoor pens and are moved to new grass each day. Hens average 5 lbs. and cockerels average 7 lbs. Chickens will cost $7.00/lb. Slaughter is in late August.

Due to a state regulatory technicality, our chickens and turkeys are certified organic if you buy them before slaughter, but not after. We are very comfortable with the cleanliness, efficiency, and humane technique used by our licensed processing plant and stand completely behind their work. You end up with a cleaned, whole, bagged bird (with giblets and neck).

Old layers come whole: bagged with neck, no giblets $15 each, available in late October.

Turkeys - We raise broad breasted white turkeys. They live on range after brooding and are moved to new grass each day. Choose between a hen (approx. 13 - 18 lbs.) or a tom (approx. 20 - 24 lbs.) when ordering. Turkeys are $6.00/lb., pick up on November 23 and 24.

Pigs - Our pigs live in our woods and are fed certified organic grain and farm scraps. Fresh frozen pork will be available in late fall.

Lard - Lard is made with fat from our pigs and is available frozen year round at $20/quart. Check website for shipping details, or purchase at the farm.

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The produce is amazing, the people are friendly and accommodating (and really hardworking!!), and their knowledge of the earth, agriculture, and livestock is truely outstanding!... [more]

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