Welcome to Arlene's world of Gourmet Cooking Additions of organically grown culinary herbs uniquely blended to make you a fine, gourmet chef right in your own kitchen.

Home Farm Herbery LLC offers unique blends of organically grown herbs and spices. Nothing enhances fine cooking like the addition of good herbs and spices and all our products are kosher.

We grow our herbs here at Home Farm Herbery in Munfordville, KY and any spices or bay leaves that are added come from certified organic sources.

Remember Arlene's package mixes and culinary herb blends are made especially for you on the day you order it. Nothing sits on our shelves. So you know it is fresh from our home to yours.

We also let many of our heirloom OG vegetables and herbs go to seed and we sell Heirloom OG and non-GMO/non-hybrid seeds.

Seed Germination..... Seed germination is quite simple right? Usually it is. However, sometimes problems do occur and the problem is easy to describe. Mostly someone says, "My seeds did not germinate" We test our seeds for proof of germination! Thus we know when we send them they have at least an 85% to a 99% proof of germination. That means if you have 100 seeds anywhere from 85 to 99 of them will germinate. We have no control over the seed germination conditions and all seed sales are final. We enclose free seed germination and planting instructions with every seed order.

WATCH FOR OUR WEEKLY SPECIAL COUPONS! They are in the LOCAL DEALS Section of Local Harvest.

Also every order of any kind gets a free complimentary herb,herb blend, tea sampler or heirloom seed of our choice plus free shipping..

We also sell Arlene's published books on gardening and wine and beer making.

100% of our net proceeds on any sale goes to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

All sales are final.

New Store Link https://homefarmherbery.com/

Listing last updated on Nov 2, 2020

We sell herbs, herb blends, teas, tisanes, Heirloom Seeds, books on gardening, wine and beer making. We also hold various workshops and retreats here for The Homesteaders Learning Center LLC. New Store Link https://homefarmherbery.com/

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Their Chili Con Carne Seasoning is my absolute favorite spice blend, delicious!

When I run out of stevia leaf, curry powder and other herbs and spices, I look for what I need from Home Farm Herbery first. Super high quality products.

Received another order from Home Farm. Prices are good and the shipping was efficient. The mullein leaf and chamomile teas are excellent.

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