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A really bad experience
By: Richard Wilk    (Jan 7, 2021)

I sent five orders in early December as gifts. None of them arrived within three weeks. I had an email saying they were all lost by the post office, and would I accept a citrus box instead (even though it was substantially cheaper than what I had paid). I approved. A week later one of the boxes arrived - about 10 battered oranges and a pomelo in a large box with no other packaging. Local harvest needs to stop acting as an agent for this vendor.

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horrible sugar apples
By: Y. Lulat    (Sep 5, 2020)

This review is for an online order of sugar apples. It appears that the variety these folks grow are an inedible wild variety (not a domesticated variety). Received a box of them that had to be thrown out. Total, total waste of money. I completely forgot that these were the same people from whom I had ordered sugar cane once. That order had also been a disaster! I am really suspicious of the positive reviews they have received.

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Very disappointed
By:    (Jul 28, 2020)

I received 2 fruit packages today (passion fruit & sugar apple). Passion fruit box had no contents when we got it and sugar apples were all mushed up and damaged . 10 lbs of fruit ordered for $178 and not a single edible fruit!.

There is absolutely no protective packaging and the outer box itself was not sturdy - so no surprise this came in damaged. Disappointing to see the quality of delivery for the price I paid given the fragile nature of fruit would need better packaging and handling. Upon emailing Fresh Gardens with pictures, the response I get is to file refund from USPS. In checking with USPS, neither packages are eligible for refund. I contacted Bob many times pointing that out, and yet he kept insisting to ask USPS for a refund.

I want to support the farms but I am disappointed with the service and response I was given by Fresh Gardens. One very expensive mistake!

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So incredibly disappointed!!!
By:    (Jun 18, 2020)

A few minutes ago I received the first shipment of fresh fruit (Longans and Dragon Fruits). The box looked battered on the outside and the contents were no better. Many of the Longans were rotten and/or smashed. The Dragon Fruit fared slightly better. There was absolutely no protective packing for the fruit. I am angry, sad and disappointed. Some of the Longans are probably salvageable, but after my fingers were covered with the rotten, smashed fruit when I started the process, I am not sure that it is worth my while to try to find whatever good fruit there may be, and I may just throw it all out. I am dreading the arrival of the other 2 boxes. Fresh Gardens may be a wonderful place to go to pick your own fruit; to have it shipped, not so much.. So far, all I can say is that this was a very expensive mistake.

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says:    (Jun 18, 2020)

Just read some of Farmer Bob's responses to other reviews. Particularly the one where he mentioned that people nowadays do not respect farmers and farming in general. To this I say, although I am not a farmer, I grow a lot of my own fruits and vegetables, but the fruits I ordered from him simply cannot be grown in Colorado. Clay soil (at least at my farm) and altitude limit what I can grow here. However, to mail rotten fruit to customers is no way to do business.

Robert Petrucci says:    (Jun 23, 2020)

late arrival my apologies please call to rersolve farmer bob

A proud customer
By: WILL Cooper    (May 9, 2020)

Good day Bob

I had the pleasure of speaking to you over the phone yesterday. I received my shipment yesterday just as you anticipated, and I must say the excitement accompanied by the pleasure of seeing the contents was overwhelming. I discovered a whole new world of succulent natural delicacies, removed of the Walmart variety. In addition, thank you for supplying Cliff notes aiding in the familiarization process. Awesome! I am proud of my decision and as long as there are duckets in my pocket I will continue to support fresh gardens!

Gratitude with esteemed regards,

A proud customer


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Best farm best people
By: Heather Carvajal    (Jan 27, 2020)

So my family and I have been to this farm many times and we love it. Each time has been a great experience and there is something new each time that farmer Bob teaches us. He's so knowledgeable, super friendly and down to earth. We've gotten the most amazing star fruit we've ever tasted from this farm as well as other Interesting yummies. Best place to come and visit, learn, and eat. You'll love walking around the farm and picking your own fruit. Get close to nature and breath deep as you relax. Love this place and family so thankful we found them and you will too. Thank you Farmer Bob and family. Love The Carvajal Family

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Fun and Different
By: Jacques Klein    (Jan 27, 2020)

My wife and I had a wonderful time touring the farm. Farmer Bob has been working in the Homestead area for quite some time and has many specialty fruits and vegetables. They are always expanding their business and it is exciting and fun to visit.

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By:    (Jan 10, 2020)

Yes, Farmer Bob is a nice, friendly guy. That's the best part of his gig. We scheduled a tour, he was 15 minutes late and it was difficult to locate his "spot" along a gravel road with black-hole like pot holes. There were only 2 kinds of fruit. The longan fruit was contracted out so we couldn't touch them and the other produce were patches of unplanned dragon fruit trees. Our basket of fruit was a used plastic grocery bag and a fishing net to pick as many dragon fruit as we wanted. Glad I didn't pay more than $11 on Groupon for a tour. The whole Groupon description is an embellishment of what there really is.

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